Take-offs to ´the inner breath´ (upgraded)

take-off to the empty breath

You can use anything that seems to speed you up – whether it appears to be positive or negative – as a take-off to the empty breath. The animation is grabbed from Ello.

Success as well as failure in the world of the outer senses tends to speed up thoughts and feelings, which is counterproductive in regards to feeling relaxed. Some therefore try to escape these thoughts and feelings through for example meditation, even though it most often has the opposite effect, namely the generation of more thoughts and feelings.

The sensations hitting the senses are the same, whether they seem to result in an abstract or definable world. But you cannot sense the abstract world of the inner senses, if you believe the world defined by time and space, that the brain constructs from the sensations it claims to receive from the senses, is all there is. The animation is grabbed from the web.

If you do not try to control or stop the speed of thoughts and feelings in order to uphold an image of you as someone substantial in the world of the outer senses, there is nothing to support the idea, that reality is definable. Thus the empty breath can synch the apparent tangible world of the outer senses with the abstractness of the inner ones.

As this makes the abstractness of the inner senses the foundation for how you are perceived you as someone definitive, the differences that seem to define you as separated from others are no longer categorised into something that makes a difference. Thus you are in a state of not-knowing.

The fastest way to not be bothered by speedy thoughts and feelings is to not interfere with the speed of them, so their uncontrolled raw power ignites a take-off to the empty breath, which immediately takes you across an invisible bridge to the high-frequency world of the inner senses, where the speed from the low-frequency world of the outer senses, that brought you there, does not appear as something causing stress.

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