Where to find the bliss of ´the empty breath´ (upgraded)

The bliss of the empty breath may be felt like an intangible yin-yang sign

When you do not believe to be made of substantial elements – whether appearing to be subtle or solid – empty space takes over. This can of course not be illustrated, so this yin yang illustration is just simulating the swing of the empty breath coming out of it. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Since the bliss of nothingness, that sets in when connecting with the empty breath, is a state of not-knowing, it is not possible to connect with it when in the consciousness of being someone definitive. Thus the connection must be established before the brain based on signals, it claims to receive from the sensory system, renders a world defined by time and space, as if it is you who have a conscience experience of it therefore are someone in it.

Science states, the world we seem to feel and see consist of 99.9999999 percent empty space. And the rest – despite it also is empty space and just like a dream has nothing substantial in it – is what we perceive to be elements of matter making up a world defined by time and space.

Thus appearing to be someone definitive is make-believe, no matter what and where you appear to be.

On account of this taking one second for the brain to accomplish, there are countless of seconds where a connection with the empty breath can be established (see how in the articles Take-offs to ´the empty breath´, and How to ignite a take-off to ´the empty breath´ ), because in those seconds unprocessed by the brain, there is nothing to define you and therefore no consciousness of being someone definitive, so there is no difference between the nothingness of you and that of the the empty breath.

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  1. […] So nothing needs to be changed and thoughts needs not to be stopped. The only problem is the belief, that what you are conscious about is real. And that is the concern of the empty breath, namely to undo the belief in you being someone with a consciousness. See also Where to find the bliss of ´the empty breath´. […]