The acknowledgment of a feeling turns it into the bliss of nothingness (upgraded)

If you feel like an outsider, you do not solve it by blaming others for taking your space, but by completely being that and nothing else, as then there is no insider to contrast it and therefore no outsider, since one cannot be without the other. Thus there is just the uncontrolled energy of going with the flow, which automatically ignites a take-off to the empty breath and its bliss of indifference to any contrast defining you or somebody else to be something specific. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The feeling of inferiority seems to go away, when you are able to find faults in those you believe to have caused it, so that they seem inferior and you superior. This way of escaping the feeling, however, is like covering it the with a lid in a pot. Sooner or later the pressure from the suppressed feeling will blow off the lid and pass on a steam of inferiority.

Since the pot in this metaphor is your body, the above is a way of saying, that although judging somebody to be wrong seems to make you right, the problem has not gone away, because it has just been buried inside your body from where it will leak out, when the body expels the suppressed feeling through physical diseases.

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