The ins and outs of a black hole (updated)

The graphic, which has been manipulated by Alexius, is grabbed from the web.

This zen drawing literally looks like an uncompleted portal into the enlightenment of that which is one, except that the hole is not white and in this illustration of the portal neither black, although it is often called a black hole. Instead, it is full of the same chaotically and rapidly moving strokes of changing colours, which also are outside the black strokes (not in this illustration though).

That is until the black strokes meet and the bright white light that shoots out of the hole fills up everything by extracting all thoughts making up what you believe to be, so that there is nobody to experience being gracefully pulled through a hole that just like the bright white light is no more, as there is nothing but that which always was and is, since it is formless and therefore has no beginning and end, namely that which is one.

For the same reason, there is nobody to know that the enlightenment of that which is one is not a process happening over time but one perpetual present, nor that what and where you believed to be has never existed.

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