Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings and the body

Alexius Enlightened Non-Teachings are about the formlessness of that which is one, and as formlessness is endless, this is all that he has to give. But he is not giving it to anybody since that would require more than one. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Although taking care of the body is not the subject of Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings and you are not in the body, it is assumed you take good care of it – just like you do with your clothes, even though they are not that which is you.

The body can be taken care of by following the recommendations of for example Dr Mercola, Perfect Health Diet and Bulletproof. The latter has suggestions for a diet – a bit similar to paleo – that Alexius follows in a version adjusted to his body, which is diagnosed with IBS, so the FODMAP recommendations regarding this are taken into consideration as well. His take on Bulletproof Coffee is a bit more transparent. You can see Alexius´ recipe here

Also, the guidelines for an alkaline diet is taken into consideration, as the Bulletproof diet is mostly acidic. If you are very allergic to gluten, you may be interested in fusion it with the rigorous SCD diet or on following it on its own.

The supplements, that seem to optimise Alexius body, and which is very much those recommended by Perfect Health Diet (see their supplements page) and Bulletproof (see sleep and basic supplements) he buys from iHerb, which appears to have good products at a reasonable price.

Medicine described by his doctor for his heart and lungs condition, he buys from the local pharmacy. For physical fitness, he does Nordic Walking every morning and maybe some of the exercises from C.H.E.C.K Institute.

That being said, connecting with the empty breath* the world of the inner and outer senses are automatically synchronised, so that you without speculation but on pure intuition are directed towards what is needed on your journey without distance to that which is one.

*) In the below hacks you can read about the empty breath: