HACK #1, Pretending to be someone definitive, Part 2:


  1. INTRO TO HACK #1.2, The world is make-believe
  2. Help, I Need Somebody
  3. What is freedom!?
  4. It is your own doing
  5. The world is a fantasy made out of empty space
  6. The rich and the poor is alike
  7. Searching is a trap set by Google and the ego
  8. There is nobody in oneness
  9. Self-hatred comes from believing there is a self
  10. Believing to be in or outside the body is equally insane
  11. Not believing to be someone special craves no effort
  12. In duality you cannot be non-dual, as duality is to be someone definitive, which requires more than one
  13. There is nothing but one perpetual present
  14. An adventure about a beautiful tree that has nothing to give
  15. It is your choice to be conditioned by others, and you have made this choice for a reason
  16. When you look for no more, it does not seem to hide there is no more that which is one
  17. What you avoid, you believe to be
  18. To know something is an illusion
  19. Santa Claus is make-believe, and so are you as a person living in a capsule of time and space
  20. It takes a great effort to make an illusion appear as if it is real
  21. It is only in the eyes of the ego, that unconditional love is more pure
  22. You cannot be spiritual, because it takes more than one to be something
  23. That which is one, and no more

Hack #1, Pretending to be someone definitive
Part 1: If you are looking for the truth, you have come to the wrong place
Part 3: Thoughts are nothing

Part 4: You cannot change the world, but you can change your perception of it
Part 5: Pretending to be someone definitive
Part 6: Pretending is a way out of duality

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