HACK #2, Seeing symbols of life in the world, Part 2:

Everything experienced is a symbol of life

  1. What is life, where does it come from, and what is the meaning?
  2. Everything that appears to be separated is a symbol of oneness
  3. Nobody in a game is real – only the player is
  4. A person is to be compared to a machine following preprogrammed movements
  5. No talking is needed to come back to that which is one
  6. Nothing real can be seen in an unreal world
  7. All fragments are symbols of that which is non-fragmented
  8. What is real, is right in front of you
  9. From non-duality to duality and back
  10. Excitement requires more than one, whereas peace is that which is one
  11. Remembering to forget, what is not one, you relate to what seems different from you as a symbol of that which is one
  12. You cannot own anything, but you can have access to everything
  13. Nothing that can be seen is real
  14. You want to be deceived, and so you are
  15. Thoughts do not come from you but The Cloud
  16. You cannot be in the world of duality, because that which is one is no different from that which is one
  17. You can have your cake and eat it too, when seeing everything as symbols of life
  18. You cannot go wrong, if every experience is perceived as a symbol of that which makes it possible to experience something
  19. How to see everything in the world as symbols of life?
  20. All experiences are equally unreal
  21. Without memories there is no more than that which is one
  22. No time, no world
  23. What is life?
  24. Just another symbol of that which is one

Continued from hack #2.1: To see symbols of life in the world

Hack #2, To see symbols of life in the world
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