HACK #3, Not being exclusive but inclusive, Part 2:

Inclusiveness is a perfect moment

  1. INTRO TO HACK #3.2, Inclusiveness is a perfect moment
  2. Concentration is suppressing that which is you
  3. To be centred is to separate
  4. When nothing is wrong or missing you are not of the world, though you appear to be there
  5. Inclusion is liberation from separation
  6. No need to stop something, that is not there
  7. No grievances, no world
  8. Contrasting defocus with focus
  9. When the apparent differences in a world where there seem to be more than one are not believed to make a difference, this belief does not seem to hide there is no more that which is one
  10. When unwillingness is included, it is not different from willingness
  11. If nothing is excluded, nothing is wrong
  12. A perfect moment does not require learning – only inclusion
  13. Inclusion makes everything allright
  14. There is no need for balance in a perfect moment
  15. Harmony hides that which is one
  16. The ego cannot survive inclusion
  17. Inclusiveness makes you untouchable
  18. Ways to see, that apparent differences make no difference
  19. It is nothing but robots trying to fool you into believing, that you are not a robot
  20. Inclusion does not turn you into anything, and so there is not something to hide the formlessness of oneness

Hack #3, Not being exclusive but inclusive
Part 1: Every moment is the perfect moment
Part 3: Life is inclusive and not exclusive
Part 4: Non-duality is non-fabrication
Part 5: Inclusiveness is pure bliss
Part 6: Phasing out the personality

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