HACK #3, Not being exclusive but inclusive, Part 4:

Non-duality is non-fabrication

  1. INTRO TO HACK #3.5, Non-duality is non-fabrication
  2. Being wrong feels great
  3. The world is not a manifestation but an imagination
  4. As non-duality is formless and therefore endless, there is no duality
  5. That which is one is non-existence, because it takes more than one to exist
  6. Existence is outside of that which is one, and there is nothing outside of it
  7. There is nothing to reveal, as that involves more than one and there is no more than that which is one
  8. It is not possible to be stuck in a world of duality, because that which is you is not there
  9. There is no more, than that which is you
  10. There is one life, and one only
  11. When you want no more, there is no more to hide that which is one
  12. The formlessness of that which is you is not in a world defined by time and space
  13. Inclusiveness turns death into a portal to that which is one
  14. Seeing tunnels of light is a conditioned experience, that maintains you as someone definitive and therefore bound to die
  15. There is nothing else than that which is life
  16. Nothing is hiding non-duality, when you do not want more than that which is one
  17. The experience of fear is an illusion
  18. Anger takes no form, when passing nobody
  19. It is not possible to choose that which is you, but to not choose what is not you
  20. There is no life in a world where there seems to be more than one
  21. To define something is to define nothing
  22. Feeling stuck is not possible, unless you want to be more than that which is one
  23. There is no more to be and have than that which is you
  24. To return what you receive
  25. The way you are conditioned to perceive yourself needs not to be changed but to not be believed as true
  26. Lost in imagination
  27. You do not make a difference in the world, because that which is you is not there
  28. What is real requires no effort
  29. Hip-Hop reflects the making of a world of duality

Hack #3, Not being exclusive but inclusive
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