HACK #4, Being in a state of not-knowing, Part 3

The basic self versus the special one


  1. Not being of the world is easy, when having fun appearing to be there
  2. A world where there seems to be more than one is founded on division
  3. Hating or disregarding the brain is a mistake
  4. The brain needs you and you need the brain
  5. The brain is your best friend
  6. The basic self is to be compared to an app
  7. The brain renders a basic self, which you believe to make better by making it special
  8. The basic self versus the special one
  9. The basic self versus the special one, Part 2
  10. Notes about the basic self versus the special one
  11. For the basic self going down is just as exciting as going up
  12. Everything that seems to arise from the basic self is about protecting the whole
  13. The special self only cares about the whole, if that seems to make it more special
  14. No one but the ego wants to be special and make a difference
  15. The special self is completely out of sync with the present
  16. What to follow
  17. Oneness is pointless
  18. In a game you are bound to return to that which is you
  19. No explanation is right, because nothing is wrong
  20. It is fun having the belief in being someone undone
  21. The basic self is not closer to be living in the now
  22. The self cannot be realised or transformed, because there is none

Hack #4, Being in a state of not-knowing
Part 1: Eyes cannot see
Part 2: Life is not a dream but the experience of it is
Part 4: Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing
Part 5: ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone

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