HACK #4, A state of not-knowing is nothing but bliss, Part 2

The basic self versus the special one

All the articles in hack #4.3 are in the process of being written. You are welcome to read them in their current state.

  1. Happiness comes from being in sync with the moment as it is and not as it ought to be [under development]
  2. To be in sync with the natural flow of thoughts
  3. The reward for being the basic self comes effortlessly [under development]
  4. Perceiving everything experienced as ´shit happens´ there is nothing to fear [under development]
  5. Being a basic and happy self and not a special and sad one
  6. A hippie and a businessman has the same desire for being special
  7. The basic self versus the special one [under development]
  8. The special self tries to control thoughts and the basic self serves them [under development]
  9. Control is fear of not being good enough [under development]
  10. The belief in a body-mind connection with you as the master of the body is the destroyer of wellness [under development]
  11. Up and down is equally enjoyable for the basic self [under development]
  12. The purpose of the duality hacks is not to heal the body but the belief that there is someone in it [under development]
  13. Happiness comes from not interfering with thoughts and emotions, whereas sadness comes from trying to do that [under development]
  14. Happiness cannot be found. It comes effortlessly all by itself [under development]
  15. The basic self is relative to the brain and thus without an egoistic drive [under development]
  16. ´I know what it is´ versus ´It is what it is´ versus ´Dunno what it is´
  17. The experiences you believe that others have are like those believed to be yours fabricated by the brain [under development]
  18. What to be [under development]
  19. To be depressed or blissed [under development]
  20. Sadness comes from being special, happiness from being basic, and bliss from not being [under development]
  21. From the bliss of not-knowing to the happiness of serving [under development]
  22. That which is you is not made of anything as that requires more than one [under development]
  23. Oneness is pointless [under development]
  24. The transparency of bliss comes from not-knowing [under development]

Hack #4, Being in a state of not-knowing
Part 1: Eyes cannot see
Part 3: Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing
Part 4: ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone

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