HACK #4, Every moment is the perfect moment, Part 2:

The basic self versus the special one

The articles in this hack are in the process of being written. You are welcome to take your chances and read them as they are. But if you look for perfection, they may not be for you.

  1. Happiness comes from being in sync with the moment as it is and not as it ought to be [under development]
  2. What and where you believe to be is the brain
  3. To be in sync with the natural flow of thoughts
  4. Perception is everything when it comes to feeling happy [under development]
  5. Happiness cannot be found. It comes effortlessly all by itself [under development]
  6. When everything is perceived as ´it is what it is´ you are relieved [under development]
  7. Without the noise of thoughts
  8. To be is to be entertained [under development]
  9. The special self tries to control thoughts whereas the basic self serves them [under development]
  10. The basic self is relative to the brain and thus without an egoistic drive [under development]
  11. What to be [under development]
  12. Being in sync with the script of the brain or not
  13. ´I know what it is´ vs ´it is what it is´ vs ´dunno what it is´ PART 1 [under development]
  14. ´I know what it is´ vs ´it is what it is´ vs ´dunno what it is´ PART 2 [under development]
  15. You undo the belief in duality by enjoying it [under development]
  16. All experiences are make-believe [under development]
  17. That which is you is not made of anything as that requires more than one [under development]
  18. To be depressed or blissed [under development]
  19. Sadness comes from being special, happiness from being basic, and bliss from not being [under development]
  20. From the bliss of not-knowing to the happiness of serving [under development]
  21. Oneness is pointless [under development]
  22. The transparency of bliss comes from not-knowing [under development]

HACK #4, Every moment is the perfect moment
Part 1: Every moment is the perfect moment
Part 3: To be a basic self is to be good enough

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