HACK #4, Being in a state of not-knowing, Part 2

The basic self versus the special one

All the articles in hack #4.3 are in the process of being written. You are welcome to read them in their present state.

  1. Not knowing what and where you are is the bliss of nothingness [under development]
  2. To be in sync with the natural flow of thoughts
  3. The reward for being the basic self comes effortlessly [under development]
  4. The basic self versus the special one [under development]
  5. More, bigger and better are the cornerstones of the special self [under development]
  6. Up and down is equally enjoyable for the basic self [under development]
  7. The brain renders a basic self with a consciousness that turns against it by making a special self [under development]
  8. The purpose of the duality hacks is not to heal the body but the belief that there is someone in it [under development]
  9. Happiness comes from not interfering with thoughts and emotions, whereas trying to control them brings sadness [under development]
  10. The special self wants to be in control of thoughts, whereas the basic self wants nothing but to serve them [under development]
  11. The basic self is relative to the brain and thus without ego [under development]
  12. ´It is what it is´ versus ´I know what it is´
  13. To be depressed or blissed [under development]
  14. That which is you is not made of anything
  15. What to follow [under development]
  16. Oneness is pointless [under development]
  17. The transparency of bliss comes from not knowing [under development]

Hack #4, Being in a state of not-knowing

Part 1: Eyes cannot see
Part 3: Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing
Part 4: ´The empty breath´ and the bliss of not believing to be someone

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