HACK #8, Alone together, Part 2:

Anger and other feelings

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  1. INTRO TO HACK #8.2, Anger and other feelings
  2. There is nothing outside of that which is life
  3. Have fun feeling the world in your way
  4. The personality is fabricated out of fear of being alone
  5. Consciousness is just another trait of the personality
  6. No worries, you do not need to change
  7. The fear of feeling the fear of separation
  8. What about anger and other feelings
  9. Both the virtual and so-called real world are fabrications
  10. No happy ending if you depend on others
  11. Happily running without a head
  12. It is your choice to depend on others
  13. It is just a game
  14. Be sure to be there in the moment of awakening without being there
  15. That which is real is one perpetual present
  16. Facing what is not there
  17. You play a game to feel it
  18. There is no hell when you look at it
  19. Personal notes about personality, frequencies, near-death, suppressed feelings and other fleeting things
  20. Nothing is required, but that which is life
  21. Do not believe in something
  22. God is the first step of separation from that which is one
  23. What hurts
  24. Sticky anger versus plain anger
  25. When you wake up
  26. The end is fearless when there is no end to change
  27. No end
  28. There is no moment in the world without fear, but by including it you will not fear it
  29. To accept is not to exclude but include
  30. Total relaxation comes from nobody

Hack #8, Alone together
Part 1: Transpersonal
Part 3: Feelings are thoughts constructed to appear as if they are tangible
Part 4: The crucifixion of the ego
Part 5: To appear in the world is a mistake, that can be corrected
Part 6: Oneness is 100% intimacy
Part 7: It takes nobody to return to that which is you
Part 8: Alone together is the key to that which is one

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