HACK #8, Alone together, Part 4:

The crucifixion of the ego

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  1. INTRO TO HACK #8.4, The crucifixion of the ego
  2. The crucifixion of the ego is now
  3. The cross of duality
  4. Fear is contrasted by bliss
  5. Past and future
  6. To give what you receive, or to receive what you give
  7. Only you know
  8. How high to fly and how low to fall
  9. What is it to receive, what you give?
  10. I am a letter to give, what I seem to receive
  11. A happy letter
  12. The purpose of duality is to fence off non-duality
  13. To give is to get close to you
  14. Do not worry, you are in charge
  15. The brain seems limitless in its ability to trick itself
  16. Structure and order seems to hide your formless being
  17. The breath contains no life, so there is no need to hang onto it
  18. Ways to not give a shit about separation

Hack #8, Alone together
Part 1: Transpersonal
Part 2: Anger and other feelings

Part 3: Feelings are thoughts constructed to appear as if they are tangible
Part 5: To appear in the world is a mistake, that can be corrected
Part 6: Oneness is 100% intimacy
Part 7: It takes nobody to return to that which is you
Part 8: Alone together is the key to that which is one

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