HACK #8, Alone together, Part 5:

To appear in the world is a mistake, that can be corrected

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  1. INTRO TO HACK #8.5, To appear in the world of duality is a mistake, that can be corrected
  2. To be nothing is being free to be one
  3. What is real is cannot be seen though it is always there
  4. A mistake can be corrected
  5. What is not one is not there
  6. To accept the ego is to end it
  7. The correction of that which is not real
  8. If not corrected what you see is a twisted version of non-duality
  9. Freedom is to be one and nothing else
  10. One vibration and nothing else
  11. How to know it is a mistake being a person, and how to correct it
  12. A mistake cannot be corrected by the mistake
  13. One perpetual present
  14. Silence is a mess
  15. Life has no meaning
  16. Relations are a means to correct the mistake of being somebody
  17. That which is, is all there is
  18. What is non-duality?
  19. If you want to go home, you must also be negative
  20. There is only one and no more
  21. To undo duality is to not own thoughts
  22. Chakras have no colour
  23. Once upon a time …
  24. It is a mistake to think, the world is real
  25. There is only one connection
  26. Togetherness is duality, but it also undoes it, if that is what you want
  27. All there is, is what is
  28. The illusion of ONE way in the world
  29. To be content about what you are is to expel the ego
  30. Just a dream
  31. An answer requires two, and all there is, is One
  32. Who in their right mind would choose fear!?
  33. It is not a problem to have an ego
  34. Life is that which is one perpetual present
  35. Happy sad in the world but not of it
  36. There is no more than that which is one
  37. Everything must be unlearned to learn that which cannot be learned
  38. Your search for approval is hiding that which is you
  39. To believe is to suffer
  40. That which cannot be looked at is that which is one
  41. Do not accept what you appear to be, but accept you have chosen to appear like that
  42. The world is not real but a symbol of that which is
  43. Forget everything you know

Hack #8, Alone together
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Part 6: Oneness is 100% intimacy
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Part 8: Alone together is the key to that which is one

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