HACK #8, Alone together, Part 6:

Oneness is 100% intimacy

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  1. INTRO TO HACK #8.6, Oneness is 100% intimacy
  2. Being close, the apparent difference does not make a difference
  3. Oneness is one hundred per cent intimacy
  4. Oneness is total wakefulness and intimacy
  5. How to connect with that which makes it possible for appearances to be experienced
  6. Being intimate with the world instead of fencing off your experience of it
  7. Exclusion hides the intimacy of that which is one
  8. Inclusion excludes what is not real, namely separation
  9. In a perfect moment you do not feel the world, and so you are not of it

Hack #8, Alone together
Part 1: Transpersonal
Part 2: Anger and other feelings

Part 3: Feelings are thoughts constructed to appear as if they are tangible
Part 4: The crucifixion of the ego
Part 5: To appear in the world is a mistake, that can be corrected
Part 7: It takes nobody to return to that which is you
Part 8: Alone together is the key to that which is one

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