HACK #8, Alone together, Part 7:

It takes nobody to fall into that which is one

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  1. INTRO TO HACK #8.7, It takes nobody to fall into that which is one
  2. Feelings are always there, whether you know or not
  3. The world cannot teach you anything, because it is not there
  4. Good and bad is all the same
  5. There is no inside and outside without imagining it
  6. I am not
  7. There is no consciousness in non-duality
  8. There is nothing outside of that which is one because it has no end
  9. Nobody has no fun
  10. Feelings pass by like clouds when you are nobody
  11. The belief in more than one can be used to hide or expose that which is one
  12. The flow towards that which is one
  13. Detachment is an illusion
  14. Not being attached is a natural attribute of being inclusive
  15. That which is one versus more than that
  16. The flow towards oneness
  17. What is effortless has no end
  18. The flow is not of the world
  19. A symbol is not the real thing
  20. In that which is real, there is nothing to be aware of
  21. When going with the flow there is nothing to obtain
  22. All that you need to have everything is to have nothing
  23. As nobody, you return to that which is you
  24. No need to pronounce or fight the world, when you do not believe it to be real
  25. You return to that which is you, as if you had never left it
  26. The flow of that which is you goes against what appears to be the flow of the world
  27. You cannot go wrong if you follow the flow

Hack #8, Alone together
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Part 8: Alone together is the key to that which is one

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