HACK #8, Alone together, Part 8:

Alone together is the key to that which is one

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  1. INTRO TO HACK #8.8, You return to that which is one, as you seemed to have left it, namely as if you are more than one
  2. Togetherness is separation
  3. Togetherness is separation
  4. You are that which is one
  5. Love the body as it is
  6. To see the world is a thought and so is it that someone is seeing it
  7. There is no world
  8. Nothing else than that which is one
  9. Inside and outside is just the same
  10. You do not know what the world is, because the world is not
  11. A mantra is an instrument of the ego
  12. To undo the belief that hides that which is one
  13. You return to that which is one, as you seemed to have left it, namely as more than one
  14. The foundation of being alone together is the acceptance of you being on your own
  15. In the world of duality you are not one but two – and as two you will return to that which is you
  16. Hand in hand you open the door to that which is one
  17. You water the plants in the garden, simply because it is your garden
  18. How the world is not created but imagined
  19. Alone together undoes the belief in duality
  20. The undoing of the belief in that which is not
  21. Only that which is one is real
  22. Alone together is not a sacrifice
  23. You seem to go back to that which is you, as you seemed to have left it
  24. To perceive is to be more than one and to include everything is to erase that there is more than one.
  25. Though relations are a direct way to enlightenment, they must be left at arrival
  26. When you are alone together, the apparent difference between being exclusive or inclusive does not make a difference

Hack #8, Alone together
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