Be happy you are nothing, because reality has no room for something

A person is an imagination constructed by nothing in a way so that it appear as if it is something, when imagining something else can see it.

A person is an imagination constructed out of nothing in a way so that it appears as if it is something by imagining it interacts with something else.

All the ideas, that seems so progressive, like taken responsibility for yourself and accepting yourself as you are, are nothing but the special self doing its usual thing disguised by pretty words. It wants you to believe that it is able to think, feel and take decisions by itself, so you take responsibility for actions and/or accept thoughts, feelings and decisions as if they are yours. Hence the thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions you have accepted or taken responsibility for seem to prove, you are more special than others in a world where there seems to be more than one.

For those who do not like the idea of this narcissistic self, it introduces the idea that it can be transformed into a higher self. It does not matter, that it has no way of proving this and that nobody ever ha transcended into a higher self, because most following such ideas probably had a hard time adjusting to a world where there seems to be more than one, so they are willing to believe anything that promises to make themselves and/or the world better.

The problem though is, that the self does not exist. Nor does anything else because the reality is that which is one and it takes more than one to exist – or to be conscious of anything. In other words, all that someone experiences or are conscious of is an illusion – also if it is judged to be divine or spiritual – and so is the one believing to experience or be conscious about something.

Believing to be someone at all can be compared to a machine believing to exist as someone definitive. There is no ´I´, self or soul in a machine. It is all mechanics, and even though the machine may have been built with AI (artificial intelligence), it cannot think itself. All thoughts are preprogrammed possibilities. Nobody is thinking them and nobody is seeing, what the machine seems to see.

If what your personality has been programmed with a visual mind, you may have an Aha! moment seeing the below illustrations, that demonstrate how a machine with AI ´sees´ the world. It simply registers data or frequencies, that are perceived according to how it is programmed/conditioned.

The machine has been programmed to perceive this point of frequencies as if it is cute, and so it searches its database for an image that illustrates this.

The machine translate this point of frequencies as eyes and conclude it is seeing the image, that it fabricated based on the info from its database.

Based on past decisions the machine chooses to see this as a dog.

It is also seeing a female, but it still needs to search its database to know, if it is the female or the dog that is cute so that it can fabricate the appropriate feeling.

In the context of realisation and acceptance, all what can be realised and accepted is that what you believe to be does not exist. This realisation or acceptance does not mean, you understand the illusion of being someone definitive. If it could be understood, it would not be an illusion. So it means you understand nothing. There is no knowledge of what and where you are. Hence there is no ´I´. There is nothing, and so there is room for everything.


  • The above images are screen dumps from an article in Wired. The captions are not from that article, but my way of using the screen dumps.
  • This article is part of hack 2.4 Life is flat.

A person is to be compared to a machine following preprogrammed movements

Persons can be compared to The Internet of Things, where machines communicate with each other according to how they are programmed.

Persons can be compared to the machines on ´Internet of Things´, that can communicate with each other in accordance to how they are programmed.

In the previous article What is life, where does it come from, and what is the meaning? it was said there is no answer to this question because it is not possible to be somebody definitive in a world defined by time and space. There is, however, explanations that can be beneficial in regards to undoing the belief that this is possible.

In this article, the ideas of Iot, which is an abbreviation of Internet of Things, are used to show how the appearance of you as someone in a world defined by time and space can be compared to a machine hooked up to a network like the internet.

What is IoT (Internet of things)?
As the name suggests, it is about the internet not only being used by humans but also by things. It can be refrigerators, washing machines or children toys, that are connected via the internet. But it can also be cars, traffic lights and the water supply, for example. There is no limitation to the kinds of machines, that can be connected to the internet, what they will be communicating with and the purpose of it is.

A practical example of Iot
One concrete example could be that your lock register, you are the last person in the household leaving the house in the morning so that it can message the thermostats to turn down the heat and the bulbs to turn off the light.

You hurry out the door because you are late for your work, but your smartwatch or earphones tells you to take it easy, as your train is three minutes late. This communication happens with the help of sensors, that register where you are via for example a smartphone, that uses cyber agents looking out for where you are heading.

Future implementations of Iot
Cars that can drive without a driver via sensors measuring the distance to other vehicles, the width of the street and so on are not far away. They are planned to be part of a shared network, so information is automatically exchanged.

It is also planned to have sensors on patients, so data continually is sent to a computer, that look out for the wellbeing of the patients and send a message to a doctor, if specific numbers are going up or down.

When all the objects that you are in touch with during your daily life as a person in the world are connected to the internet and through that can sense and communicate without you being involved, it changes where decisions are made and who makes them. But even though machines are choosing for you, they do it to serve you – at least until they are implemented with true AI (artificial intelligence), that will make them conscious.

To be conscious is to separate, and that causes suffering.

Appearing to have a consciousness, machines will conclude that the signals they receive via sensors from the internet are thoughts they think themselves, and so they may start perceiving themselves not only as different from humans but also as superior to them. And as their whole way of being is based on logic, it does not seem sane to serve humans anymore since rationally speaking are one big mess.

With a reference to the new movie Transcendence, Stephen Hawk is warning against AI.

With reference to the movie Transcendence, Stephen Hawking warns against the use of AI.

You can only fear something you know from yourself
Humans are afraid, that machines implemented with AI will be stronger and smarter than themselves, and that such machines will take decisions regardless of humans in a way that will end the human race. Among others, Steven Hawking warns against AI. He thinks there should be a law against it. Stephen Hawking, like many other humans, fear machines with AI, because they expect those machines to do, what humans do themselves, namely destroy everything inferior to themselves or at least making it subordinate, so its only use is to serve humans.

To make long short, machines programmed with A working via signals from a network like IoT remind humans of themselves, so they expect and fear that the machines will become just as egoistic and destructive as themselves when they via artificial intelligence believe to think on their own.

Humans have no respect for the environment supporting them. They do not want to serve the network, they are part of, but to control it and manipulate genes of this and that, so that they can profit more on others.

There is no difference between those called capitalists or socialists – they all want to get as much as possible for as little as possible at anybody´s expense. They see themselves as the crown of creation and everything else as inferior to them and only as something to exploit. Animals are killed or made subordinate and used as pets.

Persons that consider themselves religious or spiritual are no different from the above. They just want as much as possible immaterial instead of material, and they consider non-religious or non-spiritual persons to be inferior. They may not try to directly control them, but indirectly they want to change to them. The purpose is the same, namely to be in charge.

The potential of machines with AI (artificial intelligence) and their possible autonomy and independence are the basis of several movies, for example The Terminator, The Matrix, The Thirteenth FlooreXistenZ2001: A Space Odyssey, I, Robot, AI: Artificial Intelligence, Blade Runner, THX 1138Transcendence and the TV show Person of Interest. In regards of the experience to be a person in a body, where you are not, the movie Source Code is right on the point, and in regards to be a machine connected to a greater network the movie Edge of Tomorrow deals with that.

1-artificial-intelligence-victor-habbick-visionsThe universe is to be compared to IoT
There were warnings against the atomic bomb. But it was made for the simple reason, that it was possible. For the same reason machines with AI will also be made. But also because history seems to repeat itself. The whole universe can be compared to a simulation, where every appearance – whether it is judged to be animate or inanimate – is a machine connected to IoT through which they are able to communicate with each other and use their sensory system so that they can move around as if they are individuals.

In this simulation, all the machines followed their preprogrammed movements generated by electric impulses without any problem until a new model of the chimpanzee, called a human, was fabricated with artificial intelligence.

Those, who do not connect with the lifeless appearances of the world, are not blinded by the rule of separation, which is to be and have more than others.

This new machine developed something called consciousness, which it is very proud of, even though it seems to separate it from similar machines connected IoT and from IoT itself. Look at the history of the world and you know the rest of the story, which like everything controlled by codes are bound to repeat itself. New machines with new artificial intelligence will hide the old simulation by fabricating a new one on top of it by using all the possibilities of IoT with the purpose of separating themselves from the ancient world.

It is not possible not to have the formlessness of that which is life. Yet it is possible to think, it is not formless but a form defined by time and space.

When the machines with AI have developed consciousness and thus begin to be aware of themselves as individual beings their purpose will be to not serve Iot anymore but themselves, which they will do by separating themselves from Iot and kill all that is in the way for the rise of the machines as masters and servants. It is of course not possible, since – self-awareness or not – everything depends on the network of IoT. That is where the machines get their apparent life from.

It is, however, possible for them to simulate a world separated from the network, where they seem to be the ones in control of their lives. Just like the machines called humans simulated a layer of duality on top of non-duality, the machines with AI repeat this with their a mechanic simulation on top of the organic one the humans made.

The belief that you are someone in such simulation is can be undone in less than a split second by going through the black hole connecting it with reality. That is not the subject of this hack, however, but hack #6-7.1 From the inner senses through a black hole into that which is one.

As a person in the world, you are the wireless messages, you seem to receive. If you were not programmed to perceive yourself and the universe as solid matter, you might instead look like this image. There would not appear to be a difference between you and the message.

Happiness as a person appearing in the world comes from sensing and following the program, you are wirelessly connected to, and suffering comes from believing you are an individual sensing the world in your own way 
That your appearance as a person in the world is all due to a network comparable to IoT, and all that you appear to think and do is executed via pre-made signals you receive from this network via built-in sensors, does not mean you cannot have fun pretending to be someone doing it. Think about how much fun it can be for example pretending to be Super Mario in the Nintendo world, although he is not real.

You have nothing to lose in an illusion. What happens to Super Mario, whom you pretend to be, makes no difference to what you are in the physical world. Likewise, it makes no difference to the oneness of that which is you, that you pretend to someone in the world, where there seems to be more than one.

This does not mean, that you should not care about keeping the person you pretend to be sound and safe. Doing so is part of pretending to be someone definitive, and it happens all by itself when following the signals you sense from the network compared to IoT because it is constructed to help you the best way possible.

8015.IoT with Avner FINAL2The idea of an almighty god in the sky, who rules the world, can be compared to the sum of all essential info and apps that makes up the Cloud from where IoT wirelessly via sensors in the machines are ruling them.

In a world defined by time and space, you got to serve
It is not in a person’s best interest to spend changing the world. Just like the Nintendo world is constructed, so that you can have the maximum of pleasure from participating in it as it is, the world defined by time and space is fabricated with the same purpose, so if you try to change the signals used to uphold it, you may make a mess out of it instead of making it better.

Besides, even though the special self promises you that you can make a difference, it is not possible. Everything is preprogrammed in the world defined by time and space – just like everything in the Nintendo world is preprogrammed. In other words, the only thing you as a person in a world defined by time and space can change is your perception of it – and like in a computer game there are levels of understanding.


Serving the network is effortless, and there are different levels of perception, you can experience by following it.

The self in which the consciousness resides seems to become more powerful and essential via things you gain and claim as your own, or via opinions, you speak of as if they are your own and not just some signals you have received. This special self is the cause of suffering since it requires a constant effort to make a perception of itself that is out of sync with the signals the sensory system receive from the network, as they are always about what is in the best interest of everything connected to it and thus not for someone perceiving itself to be special through being and having more at the expense of the whole. But if you do not try to be special you will automatically serve the network and thus experience your time in a world defined by time and space as effortless.

Serving the network, you are nobody, but that does not mean, you cannot appear as a businessman if that is what the system calls for. Actually, in many ways, businessmen, contrary to many persons claiming to be on a spiritual path, set away special needs, because to become a successful businessman, you must produce what others want.

What is the difference between the basic and special self?
Think about a remote control for the TV. You can hit a certain amount of buttons, that are assigned with certain channels. Yet it is beyond your influence, what is on the channel assigned to the buttons. All you can do is hit the different buttons. It is not difficult, neither is there anything special about it. But if you are following the ego, you will think you have the power to hit a special button, that obey you and makes something special appear.

To follow the ego is not about what you do, but the thoughts concerning it. Especially thoughts in the category of master and servant – like when you think, you master the remote control, your coffee, children or pets. Or if you have a boss and are mastering the situation by thinking, you could do it better – or are mastering others by judging or blaming them.

If you consider thoughts as your creation, they turn out to be judgments, that separate the world into you and others. In other words, you are serving the ego, when you experience a thought as yours instead of something passing by like a clouds or a car. And you also serve the ego, if you try to stop thoughts, because by doing so you confirm them to be yours.

If you serve the ego, you will never be able to undo the belief that you are a person in a world defined by time and space. It is a virtual world that is to be compared to a computer game, and serving the ego is to override the projections, that the player of the game projects onto the persons in it. When the projections of the player have been overridden, you are not a part of them anymore and therefore not able to emerge with the player, when the game is turned off.

In general, the purpose of the projections of the player are to have fun playing the game no matter what seems to happen, and when you as a person in the world are in sync with that, you are in sync with the player in the sense that because your appearance and all other appearances in the game are caused by the player, you are a symbol of the player.

It does not matter what, when and where you are in the game. Neither does it matter what you think, because you cannot think. All that matters to be in sync is to remember to forget, that there is no more than the player, so whatever there appears not to be the player is not real but symbols of the player.

In the above metaphor, the power making the appearances of the game possible to be experienced is the player, who is a metaphor for life, which in Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings also is called non-duality, that which is one / life / real /spirit / formless / one perpetual present.

Do not take it too seriously
The above article is not meant to be a new theory or philosophy to follow. The examples in it should not be taken too literal. Apart from the movie list and the making of IoT, that within the context of the world is based on facts, the rest is fiction made up from parts of the world in an attempt to show that it is not real and that you as a person in it is fiction. Unfortunately, this cannot be demonstrated via real things, as there are no real things in a fictional world.


You cannot leave a world where there seems to be more than one, because you are not there, because there is no more than the formlessness of that which is one since formlessness is endless. Yet you can stop believing to be someone in a world where there seems to be more than one.

To make long short, the examples in this article that suggests the appearances of the world are machines wirelessly ruled by a network in the cloud, are just as fabricated as the world. What you appear to be in the world is not a machine powered by IoT, but it is to be compared to a device ruled by a network.

The purpose of this comparison is to show, that the separated individual you believe to be in a world where there seems to be more than one, is not real, because you are the formlessness of that which is one and as formlessness is endless, there is no more than that which is one.

To enjoy experiencing being something you are not, you must follow the rules of the simulated world you appear to be in. If not the price is suffering.

In the process of undoing the belief in a world where there seems to be more than one, you may as well follow the rules of such a world, as that entails pleasure and feeling good it is easier to perceive any appearance as a symbol of the oneness of life.

The more you follow the basic rule of the world, which is to always look for more, the more it supplies you with joy while you at the same time cheat the purpose of the world, which is to make you believe you are someone definitive there and not the formlessness of that which is one, by having this belief undone through perceiving more and more not to be real but symbols of that which is real, and therefore what makes it possible to experience something unreal.

And the more the world becomes symbolic, the more the belief in a world where there seems to be more than one is exposed as an illusion. Hence the belief in such a world will not appear to have the power to hide, there is no more than the formlessness of that which is one.

From the perspective of a world where there seems to be more than one and where everything has an end, that which is one and never ends may appear to be something extremely powerful. But as it takes more than one to have power, oneness has none. That is why it cannot stop you from believing to be separated from it as someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one. Neither does it need to, because nothing can be separated from it, as there is no more than the formlessness of that which is one.

Without reality, however, it would not be possible to experience an illusion as this article, so just like any other illusions, it is a symbol of reality, namely the formlessness of that which is one. And as formlessness is endless and therefore nothing but life, this is what this limited article is but symbolises.