Thoughts do not come from you but The Cloud

All thoughts are in the cloud circling around you. What you seem to think depends on what frequencies in the cloud you connect to – it is just like a radio, where you choose a specific station to play the music you like, but you do not make the music.

You do not make your thoughts. All thoughts come from a sphere circling around you. What you seem to think depends on the frequencies you connect to. This connection can be compared to a computer connected to the cloud. What it receives from the cloud determines its look and way to go. In other words, just like a computer, you do not produce what you receive, but unlike the computer, you choose how to perceive what you receive.

In the digital world, the future is all about having all data (from you and anything else in the world including traffic lights, refrigerators and whatnot) connected on the internet and stored in what is called the cloud, so a person can download and use the data when needed.

The amount of data, however, is gonna too overwhelming so you will need help in organising it to find out what you need. For this, there will be intelligent sensors, that compare data and decides – according to how they are programmed – what you need. Just like Spotify and Apple Music in each, their own way decides what music you need, and Amazon tells you what books and whatnot to buy.

In some new text editors you only need to write the first word, and then the text editor based on a program suggest a whole sentence. Some text editors are programmed to assume it knows better than you what to write, and it involves much determination not to blindly follow the suggestions.

Many articles in the news nowadays are not written by humans but by robots, who of course have no idea about what they are writing. Actually, your brain is already working like this. You do not think. Mechanical routines are behind the decisions you believe to make.

In the years to come more and more apps on your smartphone will talk together via the cloud – with the help of Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud or something new – and based on your digital patterns they will tell you what you need before you know it. Soon privacy will be history because everybody knows, all that they are as a person in the world can be found in the cloud.


The cloud of the internet.

Where do the ideas to connect everything in the cloud come from. They are channelled by you. Any person, who tune in to the appropriate channel, can channel these ideas because they are all around you in what can be compared to the cloud – or what Jungian psychology calls archaic patterns.

It is not your doing, that you do not fall of the Earth. It is due to gravity – a force pulling together all matter. Likewise thoughts are not your doing.

The reason everything can be predicted is, that all that you think have been in the cloud for millions of years. This also applies to so-called spiritual experiences through for example meditation. They are just channelled from somewhere else in the cloud than more mundane experiences.

A human being is as empty as a radio in the sense that it has no self, soul or consciousness. It is nothing but an appearance governed by mechanics – and just like nothing coming out of a radio is made by itself, nothing coming out of a human is self-made.

You as a person in the world is to be compared to a machine connected to the cloud. You do not think yourself. You download the thoughts from the cloud and because of the constant connection with it you have all the info needed to act out your personality no matter where you go in the world. That is if you do not use the artificial intelligence you are fitted with to override the electrical impulses from the cloud.


Grabbed from keoni101/Flickr

Because so many persons want to be more than a just a piece of machinery following commands from the cloud, they override the electrical impulses from it with the result, that they feel disconnected and lost. To solve this they download thought from the cloud about how to make a better world, where everything is connected all the time through the internet, so you are free from physical limitations and via virtual reality can go where ever you fancy and even make love to your favourite movie star.

In this new world you will also live longer due to the body is going to have sensors embedded, that are connected with the internet from where you are constantly monitored and analysed in order to optimise your health.

It is easy to download the ideas for such a digital world, because basically it is just a replicate of the world, as it already is, although most have forgotten, that all appearances in the world – including themselves – are nothing but lifeless machines.

As a person in the world, you seem to be in a body, that you considers yours. But you are not free to go where you want to. The GPS coordinations for your trip has already been entered. All you can do is to choose how to perceive the ride.

As a person in the world, you appear to be in a body considered to be yours. But you are not free to go where you want. The GPS coordination for your trip has already been entered. All you can do is to choose how to perceive it. It can be compared to be inside a self-driving car, that just like you has no self, which thinks out where to go. It simply follows signals from the cloud and goes where they instruct it to go.

The body, that you function in as a person in the world, is to be compared to a Google Self-driving Car. It seems to have a personality, but even though it is self-driving it has no self, that decides, where to go. It does not know, where to go and how to avoid accidents, but via the cloud, sensors are guiding it to take the right decisions so that it seems, it drives by itself. Neither does the car have a soul – and it can never actually meet another car. Nobody is there. It is all mechanics controlled by the cloud.

You seem to be a substance called a person, but it is an illusion. The body is made up of empty space, and the only reason you seem to see and feel it, is because sensors from the cloud know – based on your digital history – that this is what you wish to experience.

You seem to be a substance called a person, but it is an illusion. What you believe to be is nothing but empty space, and the only reason it feels solid is that sensors from the part of the cloud, that you are connected to, instruct you to feel that.

Inside the body, that is to be compared to a Google Self-driving Car, you can choose to look out the window and experience the world passing by. But you cannot choose, where to go. It is determined by the decisions, the senses receive from the cloud. You can, however, choose from where in the cloud the sensors receive their info. And most importantly you can choose how to perceive the ride.

The way you perceive the car and the ride in it determines, if everything is over when the mechanics of the car cease to work, or if it is a transition returning you to that which makes it possible to experience the ride.

Ways of perceiving the ride, so you return to that which makes it possible to experience it, could be to see everything on the ride as symbols as of that which makes it possible – or to pretend being a person instead of believing to be that, because what you pretend to be, you are not. These approaches you can read more about this in the article From non-duality to duality and back.

Everything in this article is from the cloud.

In the context of the metaphor of this article, not so much the article but what you experience to read is downloaded from the cloud. Yet everything from the cloud is fake. Hence the examples in this article and other ones of mine should not be taken too literally. They are to be compared with fairy tales, that you read for stray kids in order to shed some light on what and where they are, so they can find their way home.

In the case of Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings though, it is more about where they are not. That which is, is not in the cloud or the world supported by the cloud. It does not even know about a world, that appears via the implementation of data from the cloud – just like electricity does not know the world illuminated by a bulb.

If this article seems weird, it is because, it is weird to believe, that which is you can be in a world defined by time and space fabricated by lifeless data supported by an artificial thing called the cloud. That which is you is formless and therefore endless, so it is not possible to be someone definitive in a world defined by time and space.

So if you want to return from the illusion of the world to that which is real, it is not a matter of leaving it, as you are not there, but a matter of having the belief that you are someone definitive undone. This belief can be undone by not identifying with your appearance in a world defined by time and space and instead perceive it as a symbol for that which makes this experience possible, namely the formlessness of that which is you.

NOTE: This article is part of hack #2.1 Everything experienced is a symbol of life.