The door to the enlightenment of that which is one is ´alone together´

The animation is grabbed from the web.

The animation is grabbed from Ello.

When my cats want to go outside, they sit and stare at the front door. If this does not open it, they may also try to scratch it. But they do not have the power to open the door. I have to do it for them, and when I am busy – for example in the kitchen – they must wait.

The waiting time is not due to their karma or how they have behaved. It has nothing to do with them. It is simple because I am occupied with something else. That is all.

The door to the enlightenment of that which is one is not of a world where there seems to be more than one, so no trait of such a world – like being humble, full of compassion, totally aware or whatnot – can help you open this door. Some therefore suggest that being and having nothing is the way, but that will not help you either, because any kind of being, having or doing involves separation as it takes more than one to be, have or do something.

When you are alone together, there is no doubt, that what you give is what you receive. Hence you are always met and therefore never alone.

Yet, if no part of you is excluded by projected them onto what seem to be appearances outside of you, there is nobody outside of you to define you as someone, and so there is nobody to be, have or do anything, and therefore nothing to hide that the door to the enlightenment of that which is one is alone together.


´Alone together´ you bid welcome the enlightenment of that which is one

You are alone together, when you include all contrasts of the world as you perceive them, because what you perceive is what you think you are. Practically speaking this is done by really devoting yourself to what you hate or love. Devotion to one of the aspect of a contrast will do, as you cannot have the feeling of love without having the feeling of hate – and vice versa. So the inclusion of one aspect of a contrast, for example the love of your spouse, pet, work and whatnot will complete you. In this completeness you are alone but also together and as this is the way you left the oneness of that which is one – or rather imagined that you did – this is the way back to that which you never left except in your imagination. The animation is grabbed from the web.

You are alone together*, when all the contrasts of the world are included as you perceive them, because this cancels them out and without contrasts there is no separation. Practically speaking this is done by completely devoting yourself to for example the contrast of love and hate. Devotion to one aspect of a contrast will do, as there is no way of knowing the feeling of love without knowing its contrast – and vice versa. Hence an unedited inclusion of love or hate for your spouse, pet or whatnot will undo the separation of you and your spouse, pet or whatnot, so that you are alone together – and as this is the way you appear to have left the formlessness of that which is one, it is also the way back to that which cannot be left except in an imagination of doing it alone together. The animation is grabbed from Ello.

Most persons try their best to fit into the part of the world where they appear to be, so that they in some collective acknowledgement of mutual likeness with the group of people there seem to be acknowledged as somebody who is part of something bigger and better than others.

When you try to fit into the world of a movie, the world from where you perceive it seems obscure.

This is why the enlightenment of that which is one seems to be hidden to them. It is not a concept, that you can fit into, and it is not part of a world where there seems to be more than one. So as long as you try to fit into such a world – whether in a so-called spiritual or mundane way – you cannot bid welcome the enlightenment of that which is one.

Someone who is to be compared to the enlightenment of that which is one has no need to fit into the world, neither to revolt against it, and so someone like that is free to pretend to be whatever the wind brings around.

To not fit into the world is not a matter of revolting against it, but to not believe in the purpose of appearing as someone definitive in it. This is not to say, that there is another and higher purpose you must find, or that you have a certain dharma to fulfil.

The bliss you may find in so-called spirituality takes you further away from that which is you, because it is no different from the formlessness of that which is one, and it is not blissful but fearful to believe that you are someone definitive in a world where there seems to be more than one. In other words, exposing the fear that the belief in separation entails is more beneficial in regards to having this belief undone than doping yourself with bliss. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Lots of so-called spiritual teachings promise more balance and freedom or transformation of the self into a higher consciousness. But it is just the ego, who in the disguise of a spiritual master wants to guide you into being more balanced and free than others or to raise you above them by providing you with a higher consciousness, so that the belief in separation, which is the foundation of ego, is uphold.

There is no other purpose of your appearance as someone definitive than to constantly enhance the belief in separation, so that it seems you are an autonomously person in a world where there seems to be more than you. If you revolt against this by for example following so-called socialistic or spiritual ideas, you are still founded on the belief in separation, as otherwise there would be nothing to revolt against.

To not care for the purpose of the world is to not care for being someone at all.

As all experiences are fabricated by the brain, the experience of meeting or being together with somebody else is a fabrication of your own. In other words, feeling together is not real. That is why you are alone together, and as such return to the formlessness of that which is one, just like you seemed to have left it, because it cannot be left unless you imagine to do it together as there is no more than that which is one. In other words, you cannot leave the formlessness of oneness except in your imagination and to make it appear as if there is more than one you imagine to leave the formlessness of oneness together, but as there is no more than that which is one you are alone together – and in the same way you imagine to return. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

As all experiences are processed by the brain, to meet or be together with somebody perceived to be outside of you is a fabrication of your own. In other words, feeling together is make-believe. This is why you are alone together, and as such return to the formlessness of that which is one – just like you left it or rather imagined to leave it, because it is not possible to do that, as what is formless is endless. In other words, to not remain as that which is one, you left it together, but as there is no more than that which is one you left it alone together. By recalling this state of mind, which you do by not being exclusive but inclusive, you return alone together to that which is one. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The way to go against the thought system of separation without being a part of it is simply to not care about the thoughts, feelings and actions appearing to be issued by you. Not in the sense that you try to stop the them, but that you do not justify them. If not justified they have no cause, and so they are not an effect of somebody*.

When there is no need for more than one, you are on your own. Hence there is no doubt, what you receive is what you give. If you give love, you are loved, and if you feel rejected, you do not want to be loved. It does not make a difference though, because when you do not believe, there is more than that which is one, you are alone together.

When thoughts, feelings and actions are not justified, nothing appears to have caused them. Without a cause they are not an effect, and so you are alone together with thoughts, feelings and actions. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Consequently nobody thinks, feels and act*, and so the emptiness, that replaces the pain of believing to be somebody, paves the way of being alone together, which is a sure way back to the formlessness of that which is one. It does not mean, you must feel alone in order to go against the thought system of separation and return to that which is one, but that you must be what you appeared to be when you seemed to leave it, namely alone together.

The very moment there are thoughts about somebody you are alone together. If you, however, long for more than that which is one, you will suppress this, so you seem to experience somebody outside of you.

Appearing to be in a world where there seems to be more than one you are always alone together. But most appearances suppress this by forming an alliance with those perceived to be outside of them, so that they in a collective mutual agreement seem to be acknowledged by each other as unique and independent creatures.

Everything in a dream – no matter where it appears to be – is in the dreamer. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Alone together can be compared to having a dream. Although there seems to be many different appearances separated by time and space, they are all in the same place within the dreamer, who therefore is alone together with all of them.

Hence they believe to be in a world where there seems to be more than one, instead of alone together returning to the formlessness of that which is one on a way that is not there, because what is formless is endless, so they never left it.

*) Without justifying thoughts and feelings, they have no cause. Hence they are not an effect of somebody, so nobody is thinking or feeling anything. Read more projections and justifications in No justification = No victimization. See Extra duality Hacks.

Being alone together was a wordless realisation for Alexius when he was very young. Writing Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings he is trying to find the appropriate words for communicating this. The process started in the previous articles

And it goes on in the next articles Who is alone together? and The door to the enlightenment of that which is one is alone together plus hack #8.8 Alone together is the key to that which is one.

Alone together appears to be hidden by the belief in something outside of you. So by the having this belief undone, there is nothing to hide, alone together is what you are in a world where there seems to be more than one. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Alone together appears to be hidden by the belief that there is something outside of you. So the more this belief is undone, the less is hiding, that alone together is what you are in a world where there seems to be more than one. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Alone together is not the only way ´back´ to the formlessness of that which is one. There are several ways of having the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one undone. The fastest way is to not know what and where you are or to not care about being and having more, as that bids welcome the enlightenment of that which is one (see hack #5-7.1 From the inner senses through a black hole into that which is one).

The other ways Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings suggest for having this belief undone is pretending to be someone definitive (hack #1.5-6), seeing symbols of non-duality in a world of duality (hack #2.1-2) and to not exclude but include (hack #3.2 & 6). These ways use the illusions of the world experienced with the outer senses to undo the belief in it, while you still are able to enjoy the excitement of it.

In the last two ways of Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings, namely to have glimpses of the enlightenment of that which is one (hack #5-7,2) and connecting with the empty breath (hack #4.4-5) the belief that it is possible to be and have more than that which is one is undone with the help of the inner senses. You can find all the mentioned ways in the table of contents.

All that being said about ways, the formlessness of that which is one is everything, because what is formless is endless, so a world where there seems to be more than one is an illusion – including any way out of it. Hence the way you appear to go must be undone as well.

Fear is just a four letter word

Feelings confirm you as a living being within a capsule of time and space. It is fearful though to be stuck in a capsule, and if you also fear leaving it, you will look for lasting happiness there, but never find it, as time and space is an illusion built on the idea, there must be more than that which is formless and non-tangible.

Feelings confirm you to be alive in a capsule of time and space. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Sometimes the weather is rainy and at other times sunny. Though thoughts of rain may seem more heavy than those of sunshine all kinds of thoughts are fleeting, so the apparent heaviness of specific thoughts will not remain. That is, if you have no need to feel the world.

If you want to experience yourself as a real person in a real world, you need to feel it, so in this context heavy thoughts are preferable – especially if they are justified by something.

By concluding that the thoughts, you seemed to have while it was raining, was caused by the rain, you project them onto something perceived as a substance, and that rubs off on the thoughts regarding the rain. They seem to become a substance you can feel – and feeling the rain, you know the world has done something to you. Hence the conclusion seems to be that you and the world must be real.

Although the feeling that is produced when the body is touched, is nothing but a construction of thoughts compiled in the brain, you believe this proves the body to be real and hence that you exist as someone definitive.

Whatever thoughts are passing by regarding the rain, if you use them to justify something in relation to the rain, they will turn into feelings, and they will be painful in one way or the other.

Thoughts that are passing by regarding the rain turn into something you interpret as feelings, if you for example fall on a slippery road or simply just imagine it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

To make the feeling of being someone who is getting wet from rain even more substantial, you may search your memory for a similar event. Let us say, you remember how you stumbled and broke your leg one rainy day in the past. The thoughts of anger, that passed by that day, you did not like, so you excluded them from what you experienced to be you by justifying the authorities who had not put up a warning sign about the slippery road. Read more about excluding thoughts and feelings by justifying them with the world in hack #3 Not being exclusive but inclusive.

The conversion of thoughts into feelings
Remembering the essence of this past event, namely that you are a victim of sources outside of yourself, will help you to justify your thoughts in the present with something outside of you that seems substantial, so that thoughts about it turn into a more tangible form. And as the past feeling of anger was justified by the authorities, whom you blamed for having caused your broken leg, the present feeling feels like anger, that you cannot help to feel, because it is caused by somebody else.

Being a victim of bad things outside of yourself you can define yourself as good and others as bad. Some do it the other way around, but that does not matter. What matters is, that you are defined as someone specific, because then you are someone definitive in a real world, that can be felt as a substantial body and feeling it seems to confirm, your existence, although it is nothing but a construction of thoughts. This also apply also to feelings of love and whatnot.

To make long short, in the context of the above story of a broken leg you have stored feelings of sadness in your leg and you have a short fuse regarding authorities, whom you blame for this. So because of how you have chosen to perceive the past, even a light shower or a mild reprimand may trigger the old feelings stored in your legs. It hurts, but it is also comforting, as feelings confirms you are alive.

Feeling the world may sometimes seem so intense and real, that you look for ways to lessen feelings you do not like with alcohol, meditation, prayer, chanting, food, television, shopping and whatnot.

The purpose, however, is still to feel that you exist, and in this you can never succeed, because it takes more than one to exist and there is no more than that which is one, since it is formless and therefore endless.

Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Your identification depends on feelings. Without them you do not seem to exist, so even if you consult  a healer, you do not want to be healed, because without feelings you cannot experience yourself to be someone definitive. You only want the feelings of discomfort to hurt less or cause less problems. See also the article That which is faster than the speed of light.

More about the substance of feelings in hack #8.3 Feelings are thoughts constructed to appear as if they are tangible.

The deconstruction of thoughts
No healing can help you as long as you want to remain a person in the world – and as long as you seem to be in the world, you want to be a person. That is why you appear to be there. Fortunately there are ways to hack this where you can have your cake and eat it too.

Some suggest forgiveness as a way to deal with the world. Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings have several other hacks to deal with the world and at the same time undo the belief in it, for example pretending to be someone definitive in the world instead of believing to be a person there (hack #1.5 Pretending to be someone definitive) – or to perceive everything as symbols as that which is life (hack #2.1 Seeing symbols of non-duality in a world of duality and hack #2.2 Everything experienced is a symbol of life).

Any way out of an illusion is an illusion, so whatever way out of it that seems beneficial to you can be used to undo this illusion. Best to follow a way though of one who knows, the way is an illusion, because you are not going anywhere, as that which is you is no different from that which is one, and it takes more than one to go somewhere. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Thoughts are fleeting, so to think you are someone definitive is not painful, but to project this thought onto a body in order to feel as if you exist is very painful, because feelings have an end, and so you know what you appear is gonna end.

These ways make it more comfortable to appear as if you are someone definitive, while the thought system behind the belief, that it is possible to be someone at all, is being undone. None of those ways though are the right way, because there is no way. If there was the world would be real and not an illusion, so while you appear to be in this illusion, it makes no difference what way you choose or if you any.

Although fear is not comfortable, it will always makes you feel as if you are alive. But it is someone who has no life, who needs to feel it. That which is life cannot be felt, because there is nothing else than that, and so there is no way to feel it. No worries. That which is life is content by being everything.

To perceive everything as symbols of that which is life ((hack #2.1-2 To see symbols of life in the world and Everything experienced is a symbol of life) may be the fastest way. But then again time is an illusion.

Nevertheless this hack includes forgiveness, which is the popular hack of A Course in Miracles, and all the duality hacks of Alexius, as they of course also are symbols that which is life. That is except the enlightenment of that which is one (see hack #5-7.2 The enlightenment of that which is one cannot be found in a world where there seems to be more than one, but glimpses of it can), as that which is one is life.

There is nothing to learn in the world, because just like in a dream you are not there.

This hack is so easy to implement, because forgetting to do it is just another symbol of that which is life, so you do not have to be a good student. A bad student is also a symbol of that which is life. You do not even need a teacher, because there is nothing to learn or accomplish.

You do need to follow something not of your own and in your own speed, because only the ego has something of its own.

NOTE: This article is part of hack 2.3 Choosing or not.

Formlessness has no end

You cannot change this cat in this pic, but you can change your perception of it.

You cannot change the appearance of the cat in this image, but you can change your perception of it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Alexius has a machine, that is feeding his cats at certain times with specific amounts of food. If the cats think the food arrives there due to prayers or good behaviour, they are wrong. It is an automatic thing, and no matter how they treat Alexius, the machine is unaffected. Same thing with what seems to happen with you in the world.

You do not reap, what you sow. You have very little – if any – say in what is happening. If it seems, you reap as you sow, it is just the way things are programmed to happen. Just like in a video game, nothing can happen in the world, that is not programmed into it.

As long as you seem to be in such a program, you cannot change it. But you can change how to perceive it. You can choose to perceive what happens as if it as karma, the way of love or lessons to learn. Perceptions like these, however, will uphold the belief in you as a someone definitive in a world to be defined by time and space – and defined by time and space you are bound to end.

Nothing to choose
In a world experienced to be defined by time and space you cannot escape being defined as someone definitive. But you can choose to perceive your appearance and any other as a symbol of the formlessness of that which is life, so even though they appear to be different, it makes no difference – and when there is no difference, there is no space … and without space there is nothing – and when there is nothing, there is not something to end … so even though the appearance as you as someone definitive ends, formlessness will not end.

NOTE: This article is part of hack 2.3 Choosing or not.

Only by pretending can you appear to be what and where, you are not

You cannot know, how come the person in this image is wearing a t-shirt saying ´I am a screamer´. She might not even know herself. Maybe she imagine, it will make her look cool, and maybe you imagine something else. To make long short: The cause is imagined. Hence there is no real effect. It is also imagined – and so is the whole world, regardless you if you are imagining it to have a so-called spiritual or mundane cause. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

The idea behind Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings is, that the world is not real, and as you are that which is real, you can not be in an unreal world. So if you belief to be a person there, you are stuck in a capsule of time and space, where everything – also believing to be energy or something spiritual – has a beginning and an end. If you on the other hand do not believe to be there, you know what and where you are not. Knowing that, you pretend to be what you are not, and so what you appear to be does not seem to hide that which is you.

An effect needs a cause for it to be an effect. If there is no real cause, there cannot be a real effect.

How can you know, you pretend to be in the world?
One way to know, that you pretend to be in the world, is to look at the cause of the actions of for example your boss, spouse or cat. You cannot see what is causing their actions. Even if they tell, you cannot know if they are making it up. Hence you can only ´know´, what caused their actions, by imagining it. And as only what is not real, needs to be imagined, the cause is not real, so the action it seems to cause is an illusion.

In other words: If the cause is imagined, so is the effect and vice versa. And as nobody knows the cause of the world it is an imagination, that it is there. The same applies to you as a person in it.

The breath and the effect of it going in and out of a body is imagined. You are that which is one, and it takes more than one to be or have a body.

To make long short: If you are real, you cannot be in the world, as what is real cannot be part of what is not real. However, you can pretend to be part of it.


Life is neither a cause or an effect, there is no karma!

If the car in this image makes you feel in a specific way, you are constructing an effect yourself. The image has no power to create any effect at all.

If the car in this image seems to make you feel in a specific way you are constructing this effect yourself. The image has no power to cause you to feel anything at all. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You do not reap as you sow, and you do not get presents from Santa Claus, unless you are superstitious.

Karma promotes the idea, that a physical, mental or emotional respond is an effect caused by a past action. But when you for example hammer a nail into the wall, you get an immediate physical effect of the nail moving into the wall. And this is not an effect of something you did in the past or in a so-called former life, but of something you do right now, so if you see a connection to the past it is a fabrication of your own.

If you hit your finger while hammering on the nail and remember you once hit somebody else, there is no cause and effect in play except. unless you invent it. Hitting the finger is just an accident. Nothing in your past that caused it, neither is there anything set in motion for the future, apart from going to the doctor if the finger was hit very hard.

Karma is a construction of yours
The above conclusion is disappointing, if you want causal connections to imply, your appearance as someone specific has a special meaning. However, as that which is you is the formlessness of that which is one, it is completely meaningless to appear as if you are someone definitive in a world defined by time and space, so such a connection have to be fabricated.

To suffer from bodily pain just because you accidentally hit your finger does not make you appear to be someone interesting, but by making a connection to for example your father, as if the pain relates to the sadness you seemed to cause him in your childhood, you have a basis for a story of cause and effect, where you and your father are part of something greater, so that you appear to be someone special with a higher purpose.

On top of that such an invention of cause and effect makes it possible to justify any thought, emotion or action as ´caused´ by something greater, so that destiny can be used to justify everything you think, feel and do. In this way you appear as innocent and something as guilty. Yet it never work as intended, because having excluded something from yourself by projecting it on something that is judged to be outside of you will not feel innocent but guilty.

If you feel upset and you justify it with what you perceive somebody else to have done or not done, you will feel instant guilt and probably also fear, as you will be afraid of the retaliation you expect from those you have judged to cause you feeling upset.

The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Every time you look for something, that seems to be able to justify your current state, you fabricate cause and effect – also called karma. As it is all an imagination, you feel the effect of it in the very same moment you imagine this connection. There is no other karma than this imagined connection of cause and effect. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Your construction of karma has no effect in the future but now
Every time you look for something that seems to justify your current state, it will appear to be caused by that and therefore to be an effect of it. Hence your state of mind feels real right now. So this fabrication of cause and effect is not something you will feel in the future but in the same moment, you exclude feelings from yourself by justifying them as caused by something judged to be separated from you.

Most want to believe the idea of karma, because if they are caused by something, the conclusion seems to be they exist.

But if you do not construct this connection, there is no cause. And as an effect cannot exist without a cause and vice versa, there is no specific state of mind. In other words, if you do not justify what you seem to think or feel it has no effect and so karma falls apart.

As the oneness of life is formless, it is without beginning and end and therefore everything. Hence nothing else could have caused it, neither can it cause anything else. In other words, whatever appears as if it is ruled by cause and effect is lifeless.

The concept of karma seems to prove, that a world where there seems to be more than one is real. But this proof is just as silly as when a little child believes Santa Claus is the cause of presents and based on this assumption of cause and effect concludes that Santa is real.


Meditation is a con trick carried out by the ego

Whether your eyes are open or not, whatever you experience is a symbol of that which is life. If that is not what you see, meditation will not change that. On the contrary, it will confirm the belief that there are good and bad things to experience.

In order to experience something there must be more than one. Consequently any experience in meditation is a maintenance and not an escape of duality. No worries. You need not to escape duality, because that which is you is not there. It is not possible – just like within the context of duality you are not in the greens of this image. Yet you may pretend being ´there´*. But where you pretend to be you are not. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Traditional eastern meditation, as it is carried out all over the world, seems to be all about emptying the mind for thoughts, whereas the western meditation founded on Christianity seems to be about filling it with thoughts of god.

Both the experience of emptying or filling the mind is a construction of thoughts.

The mind though is not a fact but a construction of thoughts, that you have chosen to believe is real. So whether subtracting from this belief or adding to it, the result is just another belief.

To think that you can stop thoughts is an imagination based on the belief, that you are someone definitive – if you did not believe this, there would be no thoughts to stop, as there would be nobody thinking them …

If you do not believe thoughts to be yours, you cannot appear to be someone specific in a world of duality, so without them you could not meditate. In other words, meditation is a multiplication of thoughts.

Who but the very dirty, needs to meditate every day to purify themselves. I do not even wash my clothes daily. Why should I clean them, when they are not dirty?

There´s nothing to purify.

Just like the world is a simulated reality, so is this image – and no meditation or anything else is gonna make it real. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

It is a con trick conducted by the ego, that meditation will purify, change or transform you. The ego in the disguise of a do-gooder – sometimes called a guru – promise you, that thoughts will disappear when you meditate, so that there is nothing to disturb you from being at peace. Yet most experience the opposite, namely that there appears to be more thoughts, when they start meditating. If they dare to complain about this, they are in a patronising way told that it is part of the healing process.

Anything that involves more than one is an illusion, so the same applies to Alexius´ Enlightened Non Teachings. In other words, they are not different from anything else in a world where there seems to be more than one, except if they are useful for you in regards to exposing the illusion of such a world.

There is, however, nothing to heal but the sick belief that it is possible to be and have more than the formlessness of that which is one.

You have all what it takes. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

You have all what it takes. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Meditation does not give you lasting peace or transform you into a higher state of being, and the teacher of meditation has not something, that you do not have yourself. You need no help, because all what is needed is that which makes it possible to experience a the world where there seems to be more than one, namely that which is one, and everybody has that.

What to conclude? Not much really, maybe to say that thoughts have no power, unless you use them to prove you are someone specific, because doing so you become a victim of them. Meditation, however, will not change that. On the contrary, mediation will enhance the belief, that you are someone specific, because the reason you meditate is to fix the problems resulting from believing to be someone definitive.

There is no problem, but the belief in being someone specific.

So if anything should be stopped, it is the belief, that thoughts are yours. They only seem so, because you are holding onto them, as if they are in you and therefore are you, and consequently appear to prove your existence as a someone in the world. The same purpose is also the behind the idea of stopping them, except that in this case it is not about your existence as someone in the world, but about becoming someone different from it, namely a so-called spiritual person.

That which is you is not someone definitive but the formlessness of that which is one. And as formlessness is endless and therefore everything, so is you. Consequently it is not possible to become centred, higher or anything else.

But to make long short, there is nothing to be or become, as that requires more than one and there is no more than that which is one.

*) Read more about pretending to be someone in