You undo the belief in duality by enjoying it [DRAFT]

Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings cannot take something away from you, nor can they give you anything because just like what you believe to be, or to become, is nothing but a fantasy, so are they. But since Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings do not try to hide that, the belief in being someone is exposed as a fantasy, the more you read them. This results in nothing, but, eventually, there does not appear to be something to hide there never was or will be more than that which is one since it is formless and therefore endless. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

If you do not acknowledge that there is negativity in you but project it onto others, you cannot experience genuine positivity in yourself because it is your negativity that defines it. The same applies if you remove negative thoughts and feelings from your awareness by projecting them onto vulnerable parts of your body. To make long short, when you do not acknowledge negativity in yourself, the experience of being positive is humbug. See also Positive thinking is bullshit.

The way to bring back your negativity so it can formulate true positivity in you is to acknowledge it as yours no matter where you experience it to come from because you cannot see and feel something you do not have. Just like the suns colouration of your skin is established by the amount of pigmentation you have in it.

You acknowledge negativity as yours like you ratify, there is water in a well, namely by looking at it from above. In other words, you affirm negative thoughts and feelings to be in yourself by looking at them superficially because going deep, you could get lost. Besides, a sense of negativity is enough to define positivity and kick off the interplay of this polarity that makes you feel amused and complete.

This was the short version. The longer one is that when you begin to bring back negativity into your awareness as something that is in you, the interplay of negativity and positivity may not get your attention right away. Instead, you probably feel you are falling into hell because unwanted emotions keep coming out of the dark. Read more about that here. This may start off slowly with a familiar sense of depression that you a long time ago hid from your awareness by combining it with the sensitivity of a vulnerable section of the body.

But since depression often is a rage that has been depressed, it is only a matter of time before it flares out in brutal sensations of hellfire. Maybe it feels like acid-like splashes come from the fragile part of the body, you initially imagined to fuse with your anger, or like you are being tortured by a ruthless and persistent pain.

Any experience perceived as positive is bound to seem negative someday because everything, in a world of duality, comes in pairs of opposites. Accepting this interplay of opposites, you know positivity is based on negativity and vice versa. Thus negative thinking is a confirmation of positivity. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Not escaping but acknowledging the feeling of falling into hell, you can perceive it as ´it is what it is.´ Since that cancels out the meaning it seemed to have, it is no longer limited to be an experience of hell. Its counterpart, heaven, is revealed as well. Amazed by that, you realise, in a world of duality, there is no heaven without hell. Just like there is no breathing in without breathing out. You cannot have one without the other. It is an enduring connection, like two sides of the same coin.

Going back and forth between the displeasure of hell and the pleasure of heaven is not about balancing heaven and hell but having fun continuously going up down, like sitting on a seesaw or playing yoyo, for example. Consistently feeling entertained by this interplay of polarity, nothing seems to be missing. Hence the need to be and have more than that which is one, eventually, goes away. Along the way, however, you might need to fix the physical issues in which you once attempted to bury your hellish feelings.

When you no longer use the body as a means to hide unpleasant feelings from your awareness, the body does not feel attacked by you. Thus it relaxes and become available for healing. Not by your ideas, though, because it does not want to be integrated with spirituality, or pumped up to appear more physical, so you can promote yourself as spectacular. Attempts like that, the body deals with as attacks on its substantial existence.

The brain, fortunately, has the blueprint of the body hooked up with the biological system, so it can use it to restore the body in a way that makes it feel safe. Your assistance may be needed for extra vitamins or a call to a health care professional, for example.

Here you can read more about your obstruction of the natural relationship between the brain and the body and how you can support it.

In non-duality, there is no paradise, neither anything else because that requires more than one. Since this also applies to have a shape, non-duality is formless and therefore endless. Consequently, it is everything. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Should the descent into hell seems too horrifying, you can, instead, take a break from duality. That is not done by pacifying yourself via meditation, music and whatnot, but by stepping into the full uncontrolled speed of thoughts and emotions. The chaotic energy ignites a take-off to the empty breath, which brings you into a state of not-knowing, so although you seem to be in a world of duality, you are not of it (read more about that in hack #5.2 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing).

In regard to the descent into hell, you may find the book Descent to the Goddess interesting, even though it is not in line with the duality hacks and supposedly only for woman.

In a state of not-knowing, there is nobody with a consciousness of being somebody. Ergo there is nothing to fend off the glimpses of the enlightenment of that which is one (read more about that here). But you should not remain in this state for longer intervals of time if you do not want to permanently undo the experience of being someone (see the previous article).

No worries. You do not need much time in a state of not-knowing to have your slate wiped clean (see this article), so you return to the conscious experience of being someone with the perception ´it is what it is.´ Read more about that here. Perceiving experiences in this way, the apparent difference between heaven and hell, for example, is not seen to make a difference. Thus the interplay of this polarity, as well as any other, is not scaring but thrilling.

This is not to say that non-duality is a fusion of heaven and hell or the union of all contrasts. Non-duality is not something, nor nothing, as it takes more than one to be anything. But since it also requires more than one to experience anything, every experience is nothing, whereas non-duality is everything because it is formless and therefore endless.

If you wonder how to differentiate physical and psychological feelings, you can count on the former being annoying, the latter overwhelming and the perceived combination of them worrying. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Non-duality, however, is not the issue of this article. Its topic is how to engage in a world of duality because, just like you cannot leave a game you do not play, you cannot undo the belief in duality unless you live it as it is. So we return to the ways of duality, where thoughts and feelings need to be dealt with in an abstract way and physical problems in a substantial way. These ways cannot be mixed, so if your negative thoughts and emotions are believed to come from worrying about a physical issue, you better uncouple the blend of abstractness and solidness.

Since the combination is a construction of thoughts which often is made by combining a past worry triggered by a present physical problem and manifested by thinking ´what if this and that happens,´ you undo it by not saying ´what if …´ but ´it is what it is

In hack #4.3 To be a basic self is to be good enough, you can read more about the unfortunate combination of psychological and physical feelings. And in hack #4.2 The basic self versus the special one, you can read about the perception ´it is what it is,´ and how it makes your personality relative. If you look for perfection, these hacks may not be for you because they are still under construction.

And since the combo, therefore, has no specific impact on you and there is no cause without an effect, the psychosomatic problem you constructed by imagining to combine a non-physical issue with a physical one is no more and never was. Read more about cause and effect here. Hence there is nothing for you to do than to assure the body, that it is not attacked and never was by non-physical issues because they have no physical strength. Thus it relaxes and does not fend off having its physical problem healed.

You could also say, you recognise that psychological and physical issues do not mix, so the combination of them is imagination. Just like a romantic relationship with a celebrity that you dream about does not get physical regardless of how much you fantasise about it. Nor does the comments or likes you get on Facebook improve your physical life because cyberspace and physical reality do not mix.

When you believe in having vertigo, the world is not spinning around you. It is solely going on inside of you. In some cases, this is caused by small crystals of calcium that have gotten loose in your inner ear. Anxiety is often added to this unpleasantness, but often it is the only cause of vertigo. Hence there is no way to heal it without dealing with the psychological problem that causes or enhances it. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Believing you have vertigo is a glaring example of making up something that is impossible. The world is not spinning around you. The experience is caused by a psychological problem inside you, which seems so dangerous that you need to keep it at a distance by imagining a whirling sensation. But facing the emotional issue, it does not seem threatening. Hence there is no need to hide it behind the experience of being out of balance. Consequently, there is no vertigo to disturb you.

In other words, you do not heal vertigo by dealing with the body, but the feeling you conceal behind the experience you create of being in a body out of balance. If you are too shaky to recognise this feeling, you are probably so busy hiding it, that all you sense is confusion. No worries. Instead of facing what you suppress, you perceive your bewilderment as ´it is what it is.´

Doing that it is not defined anymore and thus not a distraction that can hide what you have withheld. This does not necessarily mean you understand what it is and why you suppressed it. Actually, it is best not to get into that because analysing prevents you from feeling it, which is all you need to perceive your experience as ´it is what it is.´ Since this perception rinses the suppressed feeling for meaning, it is not experienced to be dangerous anymore. Thus there is no need to make up fantasies of whirling sensations. Consequently, there is no vertigo.

In the article, Psycho-Physiological Dizziness Syndrome, the appoach to dealing with vertigo is similar to this article but much more detailed. It is not in line with the basis of Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings though.

But there are cases where vertigo is partly or wholly a physical problem. If so you should, of course, do the physical exercises you can find on the internet, for example the Epley exercise, or make an appointment with a healthcare professional. If, however, the reason you attend to your problem is to get it over and done with, you will expect a specific result. Hence you do not feel fine regardless of the outcome like you do when merely perceiving the issue as ´it is what it is

And like you also do if this is how you perceive your reaction to the abrupt ending of this article.




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Should this absence of definitive identity feel empty or off-putting, there probably are psychological and physical problems you still believe to be united as psychosomatic issues. Fortunately, they have no specific impact on you when perceived as ´it is what it is.´

Should this absence of definitive identity feel empty or off-putting, there probably are psychological and physical issues you still perceive as united. That misperception you can correct as described in the above. Or you can use a shortcut. If to perceive the way you experience something believed to be a psychosomatic issue as ´it is what it is,´ it has no specific impact on you.

If you fall out of it, you may have gotten lost in hell or are hanging onto heaven.




And since the interplay of hell and heaven, therefore, is set in motion, you feel fulfilled.

So contrary to the stress you get from escaping everything associated with hell, it is a relief facing the heaviness of it because that confirms the lightness of heaven. And since the interplay of hell and heaven, therefore, is set in motion, you feel fulfilled.


No matter how you have disconnected yourself from negativity, t


Just like the skin can only get the colour from the sun 

Just like the suns colouration of your skin is determined by the amount of melanin in it. Without melanin, the skin would be pale white with shades of pink caused by blood flow through the skin.

Colouration (pigmentation) is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. Without melanin, the skin would be pale white with shades of pink caused by blood flow through the skin.


Just like the sun can only make your skin the colour that it is pigmented for

Your skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin. Special cells in the skin make melanin.

Just like your skin gets the amount of colour from the sun that it is pigmented for.


The sun, for instance, can only make the skin brown to the extent it is pigmented for it.

can just make your skin as brown as how you are pigmented

You can only receive, what you already have. The sun, for instance, can only make your skin as brown as how you are pigmented

Like the sun can only share its ability to make your skin brown to the extent, that your body is pigmented in regard to receiving the sun.

The sun can only make the skin brown to the extent it is pigmented for it. In other words, what the sun gives you or shares with you, you already have. If not, the sun cannot share it with you.

just like the sun can only make your skin brown because you have pigments in you that way.

Every moment is the perfect moment – also for dying in the rainforest

This article is in the process of being updated!

What is freedom!?


What you think you see now is composed of many images, that as rays of light have travelled each their own distance in time before they are picked up by your eyes and transferred to the brain, which compiles them into one image that you think you see now. In a picture like this, for example, the sun is about eight minutes older than the palm trees in the front of the image, as it takes the light eight minutes to travel from the sun to the Earth. Everything in between the palm trees and the sun is between a split second and eight minutes old. And the completed image is even older because it takes time for the brain to compile all the past ones into one image. In other words, the brain deceives you into believing you are experiencing now, while it is nothing but the past that you are experiencing. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

Now is in the past
If you look at the sun at the present moment, you do not see how it looks now but eight minutes ago, because this is the time it takes for the light to travel from the sun to your eyes. In other words, what you think you see now is the past.

Since the distance to the stars is much bigger, it takes so long time for the images of them to reach you, that they may not even be there anymore when you experience to see them now. And since the image of something that seems close to you also have travelled in time, anything you believe to see now is a collection of images from the past, projected into the future as one image by the brain.

It extrapolates the time it takes to make a collage (read more about that here) so that the time delay in processing does not interfere with the thoughts and actions, you perceive to be going on now. In other words, now is an illusion. And so is the past.

There is no past
If you imagine, the sun has consciousness or special equipment, that makes it able to see the Earth, what it will see now is how you appeared to be eight minutes ago. Then imagine to observe you from a star which has such a distance to the Earth, that what it sees now is your birth.

Science has recently found a point so far away in this universe, that they can almost watch the beginning of the universe, as if it is happening now.

And go on to imagine a point further away in the universe from where your birth is seen now. And other points where the birth of your mother and grandmother is experienced by the universe now – also the birth of itself.

In the eyes of the universe, there is no past or future – just one perpetual present. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

There is no future
When the birth of your mother is seen from a specific point in the universe, it appears as if there is a future for her, but from another location in the universe, her death is seen at the exact same moment as her birth.

There is no time
It is only from the limited perspective of the Earth that there seems to be a past and future with now in between them. But seen from the perspective of the universe, there is no time at all. Everything co-occurs.

There is no before and after – and consequently no reincarnation. It is an idea made up to make the experience of being someone in a world defined by time and space seems as if it is meaningful and last forever.

This can be illustrated by a TV, for example. It may have one channel showing a sci-fi movie, another one a film from the past and on yet another one a film about parallel worlds. But due to your limited mind, you only watch one channel at a time, although all of them are all playing simultaneously.

Linear time is a simulated reality layered on top of one perpetual present.

Everything that will happen has happened because it happens now. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

There is no universe
According to science, all the elements coming from the big bang quickly organised themselves into a super pattern, that would have stagnated if perfected. But due to a few gaps, it started to expand into what became the universe. Read more about that here.

In linear time it seems as if an explosion from a black hole expanded into a world defined by time and space. In reality, though it contracted the very same moment, and nothing is left but a memory of that moment. But when it is replayed in linear time, it appears as if the world defined by time and space is still there. Read more about that here.

When the expansion of the breath is over, it is replaced by a contraction. Likewise, when the expansion of the universe is over, a contraction replaces it. Actually, it has already happened because everything happens simultaneously. The universe, therefore, begins and ends in the exact same moment. Yet that is also an illusion because the universe is nothing but empty space.

Nothing to hope for
The hope for a better future is what keeps the belief in a universe of linear time going on. Especially because hope always is accompanied by fear. First, the fear of not getting what you hope for, and when you get it, the fear of losing it. Read more about that in the hack Hope is freedom from fear in extra duality hacks.

This interaction between hope and fear keeps you entangled in the fantasy of a world defined by time and space. But since hope is the very reason for having this fantasy, it cannot be given up while you believe it is real. That is unless you do not hope for something but nothing, because then you do not have something to lose and therefore nothing to fear, so you are free from your own fantasy.

Reality is that which is one and since it is formless and therefore endless, a world defined by time and space is an illusion.

There is no freedom
Freedom, however, is an illusion. Reality is that which is one and since it is formless and therefore endless, and to be free from or to something requires more than one, it is unreal.

But while you appear to be in a world where there seems to be more than one, the relieve it is to hope for nothing sets you free from the belief that you are there, so that you instead pretend to be there. And where you pretend to be, you are not, so even though you appear to be in a world where there seems to be more than one, you are not ´there.´ Read more about that in hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive is liberation.

NOTE: This is article is part of hack #1.1 What and where you appear to be is make-believe.