3.7 What does ´the empty breath´ feel like? (in the process of being updated)

The inner breath is not restricted to be felt as a specific form, neither to only be felt inside. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

As the empty breath is not something definitive, it cannot be felt in a specific way. Yet it can be felt in an undefinable way anywhere within its non-definitive framework – whether that appears to be inside or outside the body – but never consistently as the same, although it is constantly there.

The empty breath can be felt in many different ways within its non-definable framework of a ball like thingy, that passes through the head – or above it – and the stomach or below it. Yet it is not experienced in relation to the body and what seems to be inside or outside of it, because the empty breath does not of anything definitive.

This is not because the empty breath experiences everything in a world where there seems to be more than one to be spiritual, but that nothing is experienced to be there since experiences is a hallucination made from out of nothing. Read more about that here.

Having an out-of-body experience is based on the belief that you are someone in a body, which is the opposite of the experience that comes from the connectedness with the empty breath, as it undoes the belief that you are someone definitive. See also the article Believing to be in or outside the body is equally insane.

Thus the connectedness with the empty breath is not an out-of-body experience, but a no-body experience. This does not mean, however, that you do not take care of the body, your beloved ones and whatnot when connected with the empty breath, but that it makes no difference if doing so seems to pay off or not.

In the connectedness with the empty breath there is nothing that appears to be disturbing, but trying to connect with it everything seems disturbing, because the purpose of trying is delaying, so you want to be disturbed.

The inner breath has no definitive center or anything else in a fixed position, so your experience of it may be different from mine. Maybe you primarily experience it in the stomach, in the chest or both inside and outside of your body within the non definitive borders of a ball. It may change from moment to moment, as  – unlike this image – it is not static. This image however illustrates when all its movements are experienced simultaneously, which feels as if the everything stands still.

The empty breath has no definitive centre or border or anything else that is in a fixed position. Everything is always moving, so the experience of it changes from moment to moment from as if it is in the stomach, in the chest or both inside and outside the body. So if your experience differs from the descriptions in this article, go with the flow as it comes to you.

Feelings are subjective
If you are very future-minded, the empty breath may be felt as coming from somewhere in front of you, whereas being minded about the past it may be felt to come from the back. And if you are into the concepts of living in the now, being centred and balanced, it may be felt as it has a fixed centre. In other words, the experience of it is coloured by own your conditioning.

This is not a problem for the empty breath, because contrary to you it has no need to be acknowledged in a specific way. So whether you experience it in the stomach, the chest, inside or outside of the body it carries out its one and only purpose, namely to make you indifferent to the apparent different experiences in the world where you believe to be.

As the empty breath is not static, the experience of it may change from moment to moment, and you may experience it in other ways than described in this article.

No worries. Feeling the empty breath is not about approaching it in the right way, but going with the flow. It is only in the world of the outer senses, you must do the right thing so you can feel better than those judged to do the wrong thing.

The empty breath is indifferent to all the apparent differences of the world, so the more you connect with it, the more you adapt to this indifference and the less you want to be someone who makes a difference.

I am not a talented illustrator, so instead of making an illustration of the inner breath, I have manipulated an image found on the internet in order to give you an idea of the simultaneously movements inside it.

This scientific image found on the internet has been manipulated by Alexius to give you an idea of the simultaneously circular movements inside the non-definitive ball of the empty breath.

A basic intro to the non-definitive form of the empty breath
The empty breath has the form of an egg-shaped ball with lots of oval circles moving inside it, but contrary to what you see in the illustration to the right, it does not have a definitive centre or border. Neither do the circles inside of it, and there are so many that there is no space between them. Nor are they empty. Each one of them contains two yin-yang like waves, looking a bit like in the second image from here.

That the empty breath has a non-definitive form does not only mean that the edges of it are blurry but that neither its size or shape is constant. It may grow bigger and smaller here and there so that it momentarily feels to be more pear-shaped than egg-shaped.

As there is no up and down in the empty breath, the biggest part of the pear-shaped version of it may seem to be in the top as well as in the bottom, or in the sides or anywhere in between. And as the apparent centre of each one of the oval circles appearing to be inside the non-definitive ball of the empty breath is floating around, there is no fixed centre.

Even though there appear to be an endless amount of diffused shaped circles inside the non-definitive boundaries of the empty breath, and they are moving in each their own direction with each their own yin-yang like formed waves moving inside them, they are actually fused into one movement of two yin-yang like waves rolling in all directions – at bit like in the next animation in the paragraph The swing of the empty breath or in the two last animations of this article.

But as the above is very difficult to comprehend in a world where life seems to be divided into more than one, most will probably not feel the totality of the empty breath, but one of the many circles that seems to make up the empty breath, if you are conditioned to divide reality in more than one. No worries. It is not about perfection but going with the flow, as it comes to you.

The empty breath has no specific centre, and though it seems to consists of many different movements in each their own size and shape, everything is actually fused into one single move. As this may be hard to comprehend in a world where there seems to be more than one it is most likely easier to experience just one of its aspects at a time.

For most, the flow will be in a circle going from the stomach around the back of the body to the top of the head when breathing in, and from there in a circular movement in front of the body and back to the stomach when breathing out. The direction, however, does not matter. It is all about going with the flow, so if it seems to go the opposite way, by all means, follow that.

The flow can also be in a circle, about the same diameter as above, that instead goes from the abdomen to the throat or rectum to the heart. The diameter of the circle may be proportionally expanded so it goes from the abdomen to a point above the head or from the rectum to a point further above the head.

No matter where you like to perceive the location of the empty breath, it is the same emptiness you experience a second before the brain processes it and defines it as something substantial – read more about that here. As the emptiness of the expanded circle metaphorically speaking goes from hell to heaven, you may feel frightened or spaced out if you get stuck in one of those extremes.

Going with the flow of the circular movement in one of the above circles feels like you are surfing two waves inside a circle of the empty breath. But there are other ways of experiencing the empty breath. Below is a short introduction to these ways and then a more detailed description of each way.

Be aware though, that feeling the empty breath, as described in this article, is only possible to the extent that you do not wish to be or have more spiritually, mentally, emotionally or materialistically because the empty breath has not anything to give but the transparent bliss of nothingness.

A basic intro to the ways of feeling the empty breath
Sensing the operator of the empty breath (see the below paragraph of the same name) or the indifference of it (check out the paragraph The empty breath is not the giver of joy and happiness but indifference) is a state of not-knowing where you seem to be floating on clouds of bliss, whereas the state of not-knowing coming from the rhythmic flow of it is more like if you are moved by clouds of bliss.

The rhythmic flow of the empty breath can be heard as a distant sound (see the paragraph The transparent sound of the empty breath) or felt inside the body (see the paragraph The swing of the empty breath), or sensed as if nobody is surfing two yin-yang like waves inside and outside the body (see the next paragraph).


Each of the non-definable circles inside the non-definable ball of the empty breath – see the previous illustration – consist of two yin-yang like looking waves (but without the two holes), that are not fixated and probably moves in sync with the breath – or rather the breath moves in sync with them. It is therefore not so much about following the extraction and contraction of the physical breath but the flow of the empty breath, which may feel like you are surfing the outside of the two yin-yang like waves more or less in sync with the physical breath. The colours in this image only have an illustrative purpose.

Surfing the empty breath
The illustration above to the right shows a very simplified simulation of the empty breath in which you are not able to see that the number of circles inside it is endless. Nor does it reflect that the empty breath has no definitive border or centre and each of the circles inside it contains two non-definitive waves like in the above image, that can be surfed. Please notice that although the waves look like the two parts of a yin-yang sign, they have no holes. And as they actually are colourless, the colours in the images and all the others this article only have an illustrative purpose.

When the body is expanded by the breath, you surf the outside of the yellow wave, that may start from the stomach and then go behind the body into the head (see a more detailed explanation of the different possibilities for the placement of the circles containing the waves in the above intro to the empty breath). From there you surf the outside of the blue wave in front of the body, while the breath is contracting the body until you come back to the abdomen or below it. That is if you are sensing the waves in a circle going from the back to the front of the body.

Besides surfing the waves in that circle, you can surf the waves in a circle going from the left to the right side of the body and in circles anywhere in between these. No matter what circle you are surfing, you mostly feel the waves in the circular movement outside the body.

It is not about being in total synch with the rhythm of the physical expansion and contraction of the body, neither does it matter if part of the circular movement is skipped. What matters is to follow the flow as it comes to you, as that makes you forget the physical breath so it can take care of itself without any interruption from you being stressed or trying to impose ideas of balance, tranquillity and whatnot upon it.

Maybe the most joyous way to surf the flow of the waves is to go the whole way around one of them and then continue going the entire way around the other one, more or less in alignment with the breath extracting and contracting the body. There may be more joyous ways revealed to you, when following the flow.

Alexius has never been surfing in the world of the outer senses, so that following the flow of the two yin-yang like waves feels like surfing them is an imagination of his.

You can also surf the opposite way than described in the above. Going counterclockwise tends to lessen physical awareness so this might speed up undoing the belief in being someone substantial in a tangible world. The same applies if the non-definable edges of the empty breath are not experienced to touch the body but pass it on top of the head and below the abdomen, as that means there is no relation to the body when surfing it.

Thus you are set free from the body (read more about this here), and the body is set free from you, so it can follow its biological system without you trying to control it based on the unfortunate belief in a body-mind connection, which is not possible. Just like you cannot import physical elements in a dream or vice versa. This does of course not mean, that you should refrain from consulting a qualified health care professional, who can assist in supporting the biological system of the body.

You cannot be someone definitive, when going with the flow of the empty breath, so the belief in being someone separated from the formlessness of that which is one is slowly but surely being undone.

As already said, there is no right way of being with the empty breath. Unlike in the world of the outer senses, where a wrong move can be fatal, there is no right way of going with the flow of the empty breath, so no need to bother about the right way of doing it. Besides going with the flow of the empty breath, you will soon be indifferent to what is right or wrong.

Going with the flow without knowing where and why.

Surfing the empty breath to feel good regardless the state of the body
Generally speaking, you will as already stated, mostly feel the flow of the waves in one circle – probably the one going from the back to the front of the body or the other way around – but you can also jump from circle to circle or feel them all simultaneously. It is not important. Neither is it essential to know all this.

As it takes more than one to feel something, it is only in a world where there seems to be more than one that feeling something is possible, so the more the belief in such a world is undone by the empty breath, the less you feel it.

Alexius was not aware of the empty breath in such a detailed way as described in this article before he started writing what the empty breath feels like and therefore took a closer look upon it. He usually just follows the flow without thinking about direction and whatnot, because in his case the flow mostly results in the sense of indifference.

But if you want, it is possible to be a bit more choosy than he generally is. Apparent problems with the past, or in the back, may benefit from being massaged by the empty breath through surfing both sides of a single wave in the back of you.

Should you need to be grounded, you could choose to surf all the way around a single wave passing through the abdomen or even lower in the direction from the back to the front of you, or the other way, or from side to side, or both of those waves, or any one or more waves in between.

Just like what you appear to be is nothing so is the empty breath, but unlike you, it has no need to conceal that by appearing to be something. Consequently nothing prevents it from being what and where it is most beneficial for you – even under your feet if that what it takes to make things work.

Regarding the empty breath and how its nothingness helps to reduce the symptoms of somethingness, Alexius speaks from personal experience, because his body is not in the best condition, as he has never been very good at being something specific. Photo © Alexius Jorgensen.

And if you feel the need to be intuitive or fact-minded (the right or left side of the brain), you could surf both of the waves passing the head from side to side in relation to it. The same, but around the chest, would be fine if it is hollow and seems to restrict the breath. That direction, but maybe around the head or stomach instead, is also very good in the case of vertigo, eventually combined with surfing the waves back and forth, where the waves may adjust themselves to go from feet to head.

In the case of a blocked abdomen, you surf a single wave down there in front of the body going sideways from right to left or the other way. You could also just surf back and forth the front of the wave. The size of the wave adjusts to the need for opening up the abdomen. Has sadness been hidden there, you may feel like crying. If so you take your time to do so and then return to the same part of the empty breath if that is where the flow calls for you to go.

It may also call for surfing a combination of single waves, for example interchange between surfing the wave at the abdomen and a single wave in front of you, that does not go sideways but from the head to stomach or the other way. Maybe surfing them simultaneously or maybe not just single waves but both waves in a circular movement around the abdomen and from the back and forth of you – or whatever combination that seems beneficial to you in regards to the problem.

The empty breath is extremely helpful in regards to alleviate allergy symptoms or other kinds of symptoms coming from IBS and COPD, for example. Not in the sense that it heals those things, but that it makes you indifferent to the state of the body and thus able to feel good regardless its state and therefore able support it without projecting fear upon it – read more about that here.

In the case of Alexius, the state of his body is far from good, so he speaks from personal experience when he says, that due to the indifference of the empty breath IBS and COPD, for example, are not something he needs to get over with so he can feel better, because everything is as it is. See also when he was saved by helicopter from the rainforest, even though he did not feel there was something to be saved from.

There are many possibilities for using the empty breath. Yet it is best not to use it but being used by it and to go with the flow as it comes to you because that sets the body free to heal itself. That is why it is so good in cases of psychosomatic disorders. Read more about that here. It is not commendable though to catch every detail about the empty breath in this article, as an intellectual understanding will not help you to feel the connectedness with the empty breath. On the contrary.

You cannot illustrate the inner breath, as it has no definitive form. This animation, however, may give you an idea about the ´structure´ of the inner breath and the high frequency of its inner movement, which seems to originate from an yin yang like curved line – not just as curved though. It feels like, it is the swing of this floating line that expands and contracts the body, so that it breathes in and out. Unlike an yin yang sign the inner breath is not a flat circle with a curved line, but rather a ball wherein the curved line swings upwards and downwards as well as sideways, forwards and backwards and everything in between. Unfortunately the animation is not able illustrate that, neither how slow the swing of it actually feels in the body. Even though it extremely active inside the ball, the experience of it is that it has all the time in the world to expand and contract the body.

It is not possible to illustrate the swing of the empty breath, because it has no definable form or movement. This animation, however, may give you an idea about how the swing of it feels as if it is coming from a non-definitive curved line, that is to be compared to the line in between the two forms of a yin-yang sign – but less curved. The swing of this line expands and contracts the body so that it breathes in and out. But unlike in a yin-yang sign the swing of the empty breath is not inside a flat circle but rather a non-definable ball, wherein there are many non-definable circles with each their own curved line. Depending on where one of these circles are experienced to be located in regards to the standard definitions of directions the swing of the empty breath is experienced to swing upwards and downwards, sideways, forwards and backwards or anywhere in between. Unfortunately, the animation is not really illustrating this, neither that though the swing of it is mighty, the experience of it may be that it is in no hurry to expand and contract the body.

The swing of the empty breath
What is said in the above about surfing the empty breath generally speaking also apply to feeling the swing of it, except that it is felt solely inside the body, where the movement of the non-definitive curved line between the two waves is sensed as a swing, that extracts and contracts the body in a steady rhythmic flow of breathing in and out. Due to the limited size of the body though, this line is felt less curved and probably also shorter than the line between the two waves described in the above.

The steady swing of the empty breath may seem to expand and contract the body slower than when you imagined being in charge of breathing. Yet the swing of the empty breath probably feels more powerful – so much indeed, that at first, it feels like the body does not have enough room for it. Maybe the break in between expansion and contraction also feels too long.

Just like surfing the empty breath can be done with any of the circles within the non-definitive borderline of the empty breath, the swing of it can be felt through the movement of the curved line floating in the middle of any one of these circles.

In other words, the curved line is not just pumping from the back to front in relation to the body but also up and down, from side to side and everywhere in between, as you may sense in the illustration to the left. Though you can feel all these directions simultaneously, it may be so foreign to you that you probably prefer following the swing of the empty breath in one circle at a time.

Alexius experiences the swing of the empty breath merged into one simultaneously movement, that feels like no movement at all, when listening to the opening of the opera ´Ahhnaten´ by Philip Glass.

If you experience the swing of the empty breath in all its directions simultaneously, the fusion of them at first feels as everything is spinning – see the speedy animation just below – but it quickly turns into a feeling of everything standing still – see the third image from here – so you feel breathless and the bliss of being indifferent to whatever you appear to be.

Connecting to the inner breath is fortunately not about perfection, as that requires much control and therefore blocks the inner breath to move on its own accord. The inner breath is always connected to you, but you cannot feel it if your purpose is to be someone definitive. In other words not being anybody the inner breath is not hidden. In fact it is very intense.

The swing of the empty breath is not felt as fast as the movements in this animation, but rather like a steady ongoing rhythm that with much force expands and contracts the body. Yet the resulting breath in the body is often very subtle and probably seems to be slower than you are used to – unlike the driving force behind the rhythm of the empty breath, that is a rush of energy within the non-definable ball of it. And even though the particles of this force is moving completely unstructured and at any speed, fast or slow – a bit like in this animation – it is such a relief to merge with this apparent chaos, as that prevents you from focussing on anything specific, so you feel like a fountain sparkling with joy.

The operator of the empty breath
Besides from feeling the swing of the empty breath or as if you are surfing on the outer sides of two yin-yang like waves in alignment with the extraction and contraction of the breath, you can also feel a constant rush of energy within the non-definable border of the empty breath. This chaotic energy at the root of the empty breath is not in line with the rhythm of the breath. Yet it is the force behind it. The feeling of it is a subtle sense of being here, there and everywhere or as if spinning through a world with no limits.

There are no rules, but it could very well be, that a take-off to ´the empty breath´ will take you to this aspect of the empty breath … and what a relief it is to float in chaos instead of having to fit into the rigid world of the outer senses.

Unlike the swing of the empty breath but like surfing its waves, this force is felt both inside and outside of the body. It is probably easier to feel its very subtle energy outside of the body because there the dense bodily feeling is not an obstacle. If you do not try to catch it, but go with its fleetness, it feels like you are a fountain of sparkling joy.

Sensing the operator of the empty breath outside of the body, you will automatically be taken inside, as the operator does not know one from the other. From there you may be transferred to the rhythmic flow of surfing or feeling the swing of the empty breath.

The apparent chaos at the root of the empty breath, where the operator of it resides and where you most likely land after igniting the empty breath, is therefore a good starting point, when you want to feel the rhythmic flow of the empty breath.

If you out of habit try to focus on the empty breath to hear the transparent sound of it (see the next paragraph) or feel its rhythmic flow, your effort to pinpoint it will fence it off. A more beneficial way to approach tits rhythmic flow and transparent sound of it is, therefore, to start in the chaos at the root of the empty breath – whether sensed in front or back of the body, on top of it or all around it – as that leaves nothing specifically for you to focus on, wherefore there is not something definitive blocking out hearing or feeling the rhythmic flow of the empty breath.

Hearing/feeling the sound of the inner breath, you feel transparent, as if there is nothing to separate you from where you appear to be. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

Hearing or feeling the sound of the empty breath, you feel transparent as if there is not something separating you from other appearances in the world of the outer senses. The graphic is grabbed from the web.

The transparent sound of the empty breath
Just like the rhythm of bass is not only heard but also felt in the body, so is the sound of the empty breath, which is like ´so´ when it expands the body and ´ham´ when contracting it.

Sometimes this rhythmic sound of ´so-ham´ seems to come from the nose and sometimes from an undefined space in the back of the head. But since there does not seem to be any boundaries, the sound neither is experienced to be inside or outside the head. At other times it seems to come from a distant space outside the body as if the breath has nothing to do with your appearance in a body.

Feeling the sound of the empty breath is not a compelling experience like feeling the rhythm of bass, because it cancels out the feeling of being in a specific body – as if there is no definable border between the body and its apparent surrounding. A sofa, for example, does not seem to differ from the body sitting in it.

This is basically due to the brain not being able to create a conscious experience of the signals it claims to receive from the sensory system of the body, when you are connected with the empty breath (read more about that here), wherefore there is nobody to divide them into judgments of inside and outside, good and bad, high and low, me and them and so on. Hence the apparent differences in the experience of in a world where there seems to be more than one do not appear to make a difference.

Since this means there is nothing to define such a world, it becomes obvious it is not real but a fantasy made from out of nothing. But just like the reality in the world of a game is the same whether you believe it to be real or not, the reality of a world where there seems to be more than one remains the same, when you sense it is an illusion. Your relation with it, however, is forever changed. There is nobody to believe you are someone definitive there because it is something you pretend (see hack #1.3 Pretending to be someone definitive).


Do not get attached to the rhythm of the empty breath, because the feeling of the rhythm is related to the body, so it stops when the body ends.

Since a rhythm has a beginning and an end, it is best not to get attached to the rhythm of the empty breath as it manifests in the swing or transparent sound of the empty breath, as otherwise it is the end of you when the body stops to function. In that moment it is better to merge with the indifference of the empty breath or the non rhythmic and very chaotic energy in the operator of empty breath, so that there is not something specific to stop the enlightenment of that which is one from absorbing the nothingness of you.

Via the transparent sound of the empty breath, you may naturally float into glimpses of the enlightenment of that which is one, which the visual-minded will experience as visions of light and the auditory minded as ethereal harmonies. If you are more emotional minded, you may feel the vibration that Aum, Sohang and The Word of God symbolises or taste the sweetness of life.

These glimpses of the enlightenment of that which is one, for example, the visual aspect of it, will merge into one, if not interpreted as something specific. Hence there is no experience of that which is you being different from that which is one, so nothing seems to hide there never was or will be more than the formlessness of oneness.

Read more about how to have glimpses of the different aspects in the enlightenment of that which is one in the article Perceiving the world as symbols of the four aspects of enlightenment – or how to have glimpses of enlightenment. And read more about the enlightenment of that which is one in hack #5-7.1 From the inner senses through a black hole into that which is one.

The empty breath is not an appearance that can be manifested by the manipulating the physical breath or by exercising any other form of control.

Hearing or feeling the empty breath is not something that can be provoked by the execution of specific exercises. It is the other way around. When you are not looking for something specific, the empty breath can move on its own accord.

A bicycle has nothing to do with the place, it is transporting you to.

This is not to say, that techniques cannot be helpful in regards to tone down the experience of you as someone definitive so that the apparent existence of you in the tangible world fabricated by the brain does not seem to be a fact but make-believe. Unfortunately most forget, that techniques have nothing to do with what they seem to accomplish. Just like a remote control have nothing to do with the music it triggers.

As the connection with the empty breath is a state of not-knowing there is no awareness of separation. Hence the apparent difference between past, now and future or you and Alexius does not make a difference.

It is not possible to illustrate the inner breath in its totality. This yon yang animation (please abstract from the holes) though may give you an idea of the simultaneously movement of the two waves inside the inner breath.

It is not possible to illustrate the empty breath in its totality. But this yin-yang animation (please ignore from the holes, as there are no holes in the waves of the empty breath) may give you an idea about the simultaneous movement of the yin-yang like waves inside it.

The connectedness with the empty breath is a state of not-knowing
Alexius does not really know what the connectedness with the empty breath feels like because it is a state of not-knowing. However, for the purpose of writing about it, he had many short moments of the empty breath ignited, so that he from the vague memories of those could write what it felt like.

If the resulting descriptions seem patchy and confusing, you can use the disorientation to ignite a take-off to the empty breath. See Take-offs to ´the empty breath´Where to find ´the empty breath´ and How to ignite a take-off to ´the empty breath´.

The empty breath is not only to be experienced within its border, because it has no specific border, so if you are experiencing it somewhere else, you have really become indifferent to the belief in being someone definitive, because only as such would you expect to experience it somewhere specific.

Remember that just like the experience of an orgasm is a very personal thing, so is the experience of the connectedness with the empty breath, even though what you experience is not personal and that you actually have no consciousness about it, since the connection is established half a second before a conscious experience of you as someone definitive is fabricated by the brain. Read more about that here.

In the resulting state of not-knowing what and where you are, which lasts until you insist that the apparent differences registered by the brain make a difference and you, therefore, must be someone separated from what you see. Until then there is nobody to experience, how blissful it is not believing to be someone definitive.

In other words, the feelings of the empty breath are memories, that pop up when you again believe to be someone definitive. And as memories are based on a very personal selection, your memories may be coloured in another way than in the above descriptions based on the memories of Alexius.

If still confused you are welcome to mail Alexius, although using your uncertainty of how to ignite a take-off to the empty breath is preferable, because he cannot help neither you or himself as he sees nobody in need of help.

*) In the below articles you can read more about overriding the natural flow of nothing, so you appear to be more special:

The look of these sound waves reminds me in some ways of how it feels to be connected with the inner breath.

The look of these sound waves reminds Alexius of how the connectedness with the empty breath often feels.

Alexius searched the web for animations and still photos to illustrate the different movements of the empty breath in the way he remembers them. He does not know if the illustrators had the empty breath in mind when they made these images – but probably not.

The animations – except the three last ones – are grabbed from Electromagnetic Plasma Energy Light.

NOTE: This article, that is part of hack #4.3 Uncontrolled speed leads to a state of not-knowing, is to be continued in the next one What is ´the empty breath´ about?.